471 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JaberOne who comforts othersBoy
JacksenSon of the man who thinks the God is graciusBoy
JacksonSon of Jack (God is gracious)Boy
JackyA pet name, means the one who finds God to be graciousUnisex
JacoGod might guardBoy
JacobeOne who believes on God's protectionBoy
JacoboA person who believes in God's portection and guidenceBoy
JacobsonA son of one who is protected by GodBoy
JacobusOne who supplantsBoy
JacobyA supplanterBoy
JacolenHe who is a holder of the heelBoy
JadHe was a present from GodBoy
JadabendraA name of Lord Krishna and IndraBoy
JadallahA prosperity of GodBoy
JadhavA name that means YadavaBoy
Jadil haqqOne who follows the truth in lifeBoy
JadrianOne who is like the Adriatic seaBoy
JagadeeshwarThe Empire of the whole worldBoy
JagamohanaTo attract the whole worldBoy
JaganEverything that existc in the universeBoy
Jagan mohanThe name of Lord VishnuBoy
JaganarayanOne who rules the worldBoy
JaganbirThe worlds warrior, fighterBoy
JaganmayHe who spreads himself all over the worldBoy
JaganmitraHe is the friend to the whole worldBoy
JaganmohanHe has the name of the RagaBoy
JagannadharaoHe who is like KrishnaBoy
Jagat prakashThe light of this worldBoy
JagjeevanAll the life that isBoy
JaileshLord of Water; God of WaterBoy
JaimunA Gujarati name meaning FruitBoy
JainAncient Indian Religion; Derivative from Sanskrit word Jaina meaning triumphantBoy
JainaSanskrit - Worshipper of the jinas; Lord Ganesha as one beyond comprehension, epitomises the Jain religionBoy
JainamOne who is Victorious; One who is Triumphant; One who is following JainismBoy
JainandJoy of Victory; Delight of Triumph; Happiness of the winnerBoy
JaineelLord Shiva's CowBoy
JainendraLord of the Jainas; Lord of the triumphants;Boy
JainilVictorious God Swami Narayan; Victory of Blue; Triumph of Lord VishnuBoy
JainishLord of Jain; Lord of Triumphant; Lord of Ganesh; Lord VishnuBoy
JainithinGift from God; Blessing of God; Present from GodBoy
JaintOne of the many names of Lord BrahamaBoy
JairasSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairasaSense of Victory; Feeling of being victorious; Sense of triumph; Essence of VictoryBoy
JairathChariot of Victory; Chariot of Triumph; Chariot of Success;Boy
JaisekharaCrest of Victory; Summit of Triumph; Pinnacle of SuccessBoy
JaishankaraVictorious Lord Shiva; Triumphant Lord Shiva; Salutation to Lord ShivaBoy
JaisheelA variant of Jaysheel which means victoriousBoy
JaishishBest among the Victorious; Best of the triumphants; Triumphant LordBoy
JaisinhaVictorious Lion; One who is triumphant and mighty like LionBoy
JaisinharajaA King like a Victorious LionBoy
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