471 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JangjeetOne who Conquers the Battlefield of the Mind; Victorious in War;Boy
JaninderGod; Supreme Being; Lord;Boy
JanjeetVictory of the People; Triumph of People; Success of PeopleBoy
JanjotLight of the People; Brightness and Radiance of PeopleBoy
JankinathJanki's Husband; One of many names of Lord Ram referring him as husband of JanakiBoy
JanmayBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmeyaBoy
JanmeyaBorn; New Born Child; A variant spelling is JanmayBoy
JannanishThe Father;Boy
JannaviSouth River; Another name of River GangaBoy
JanpalFosterer of the People; Friend of the people; Companion of the people;Boy
JanpreetOne who Loves People; One who is affectionate and caring towards peopleBoy
JanrajA Brave One who Remembers God; Ruler of People; King of PeopleBoy
JantekSupporting People; Friend of People; One who guides and leads the peopleBoy
JanvijayWin over People; One who is victorious among people; Triumphant over PeopleBoy
JanyuhSkilled in War; Talented in BattleBoy
JapaapRemembering God Ceaselessly; One who remembers god always; Having God's thoughts alwaysBoy
JapbirChanting; Praise of the Brave; Adoring the braveBoy
JapdharamRemembering Righteous Path; One who preaches about his religion alwaysBoy
JapdheerSteadfast by Remembering God; One who remembers GodBoy
JapleenAbsorbed in God's Remembrance; Engrossed in Praise of God; Immersed in praising GodBoy
JapnailA military man, generalBoy
JapneetOne who is absorbed in adorationBoy
JapnirantarCeaselessly Meditation; One who is engrossed in remembering God continuously;Boy
JapnoorWorshipper of Eternal Light; One who meditates on the divine lightBoy
JaritriA Singer of Hymns; A Worshipper; One who praises god through his songsBoy
JarlathA lord of tributeBoy
JarnavA Biblical name; a name given to Lord ShivaBoy
JarodThe beautiful flower of roseBoy
JaromTo be happy and prosperousBoy
JaromeOne who bears a holy nameBoy
JaromilA strong oneBoy
JaromirOne who is both fierce and peacefulBoy
JaroslavOne who is gloriously energeticBoy
JaroslawFierce and gloriousBoy
JarradA spearmanBoy
JarranA rejoicing cryBoy
JarredOne who carries a spearBoy
JarrelA blend of Jar and DarellBoy
JarrodA rose flowerBoy
JarronHappy tearsBoy
JarrottStrenght of the spearBoy
JarryExalted of the LordBoy
JarumanA bishop of MerciaBoy
JaryA spearBoy
JarylA ruler with a spearBoy
JarynA cry of joyBoy
JasalinaAbode of fame; Full of Fame; HonouredBoy
JasamitOne who is protected by fameBoy
JasamitaOne who is immensly famousBoy
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