471 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JasandeepLights of happinessBoy
JasanjotA renowed lightBoy
JasanmeetFriend of the Renowned; Companion of well known and honoured personBoy
JasanpalProtector of the Renowned; Defender of well known and honoured person; Guardian of well known;Boy
JasanpreetRenowned Love; Famous Love; Honoured love and CareBoy
JasapalName of Lord KrishnaBoy
JasapalaProtected by Fame; Defended and Guarded by honour and popularityBoy
JasaviraA famous worriorBoy
JasbhagatDevotee who Sings God's Praises; A Worshipper who adores God with his songsBoy
JasbhoopKing with Glory; Famous Ruler; A magnificient and splendid rulerBoy
JasbinderVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JasbirVictorious Hero; Triumphant Warrior;Boy
JasdaveIndian name for BoysBoy
JasdayalGlory of Kindness; Renowned for Benevolence; Well Known for his compassionBoy
JasdeepThe lapm that radiates God's gloryBoy
JasevarajHeart of Relation; Soul of relationBoy
JashFame; Popularity; Glory; Eminent; Distinct; RenownedBoy
JashakethOne who is famous, eminent and renownedBoy
JashanCelebration; Rejoice; Merriment; Gleeful;Boy
JashanjeetCelebration of Victory; Rejoicing Success; One who is celebrated as triumphBoy
JashankCupid or Follower of Lord Shiva; Devotee of Lord Shiva; One who worships Lord ShivaBoy
JashikProtector; Defender; Guardian;Boy
JashisthGem; Precious Stone; Pearl;Boy
JashmirBorder of Jammu and KashmirUnisex
JashnCelebration; Rejoice; Merriment; Gleeful;Boy
JasjeevanLove with life; One who is dear and beloved to lifeBoy
JasjinderGlory of God; Honour of God; Fame of God; Magnificence of GodBoy
JasjotFlame of Glory; Brightness of Splendidness; Radiance and Luminance of MagnificenceBoy
JaskamalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskanwalGlory of Lotus; Fame of Lotus; Magnificence of Lotus; Splendidness of Lotus;Boy
JaskaramGlorious Destiny; Magnificent and Splendid fortuneBoy
JaskaranA good deedBoy
JaskeeratSing God's Praises or Glory; One who worships God and adores him with his songsBoy
JaskiratOne who sings prayersBoy
JaskiritPraises of the Lord; Glory of the God; Splendidness of LordBoy
JaskirpalGod's gloryBoy
JasleenAbsorbed in Singing God's Praises; Immersed in adoring God; Engrossed in singing God's charmBoy
JaslokThe glorious oneBoy
JasminderLord of Glory; God of Splendidness; Magnificent GodBoy
JasminjeetVictory of Flower; Triumph of FlowerBoy
JasmitGlorious Friend; Famous Friend; A splendid companionBoy
JasodaMother of Lord KrishnaBoy
JasodhraMother of Lord BuddhaBoy
JaspaalOne of many names of Lord Krishna; A variant spelling of JaspalBoy
JasrajKing of fameBoy
JasrajpreetLove with Kingdom and Praise; A King who is adored and famousBoy
JastejGlow of the Glory; Radiance and Luminance of SplendourBoy
JastekGlorious Support; Splendid SupportBoy
JasvinderLord's Glory; Splendid God; Magnificence of LordBoy
JasvirFamous Warrior; Glorious and Brave SoldierBoy
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