30 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter N

NamanBow down before the creator or salaam or greeting.Unisex
NeelSky blue color, bluish image.Boy
NevaanThe one who is spiritually holy.Boy
NeysaThe person who is faultless or spotless.Boy
NiketFamily, tower, homemade, castle, household.Boy
NikitaUnbeatable, supreme, invincible, indomitable.Unisex
NishaBold and strong monarch.Boy
NaamlivAbsorbed in Naam; One who meditates in name of ShivaBoy
NabadipA new lightBoy
NabajitA new winner or a new winBoy
NabanilA new, clear blue skyBoy
NagendraThe principal of the snakes or the master of the mountains.Boy
NarithManly or masculine.Boy
NarshimhaLion among menBoy
NeerabCalm, a man of calm demeanorBoy
NehalThe person who is smart looking and fetching.Unisex
NelithPersonification of law.Boy
NethakaHe who has the ability for legal argument.Boy
NibirOne who is fearlessBoy
NisanSign or symbolBoy
NisayLoved from afar.Boy
NishanthaA variant of Nishant, meaning night's end or dawn.Boy
NithContinuous, that cannot be seizedBoy
NiyorDew dropsBoy
NoreakseyGreat power.Boy
NugaḥHeart, a man who thinks from the heart.Boy
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