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242 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

Taaj One who is crowned Unisex
Taalish Lord of earth Boy
Taan Ability to do something or act in a particular way Boy
Taarank Savious Boy
Taayin Guardian Boy
Tadj He who is with the crown Boy
Taha Pure Boy
Tahoma One who is different with a cute personality Boy
Tajaldin Crown of the faith Boy
Tajdar Crowned Boy
Tajender Gradeur of God in heaven Boy
Takdeer The destiny, destined to happen Boy
Takhat Throne of the ruler of the kingdom Boy
Takhvinder Lord of empire Boy
Taksa A son of bharata Boy
Taksha King bharata's son Boy
Takshak A cobra Boy
Taksheel Someone with a strong character Boy
Takshin Wood cutter Boy
Talaketu Bhishma pitamaha Boy
Talank Lord shiva Boy
Talish Lord of earth Boy
Talleen Absorbed, making it a part of oneself Boy
Talwar An Indian surname, means a type of a sword Boy
Tamal A tree with a very dark bark Boy
Tamas Darkness Boy
Tamish God of darkness, moon Boy
Tamkinat Pomp Boy
Tamoghna Lord vishnum, lord shiva Boy
Tamonash Destroyer of ignorance Boy
Tanak Prize Boy
Tanan Happy, a happy and cheerful soul. Boy
Tanas He who is humble Boy
Tanav Flute Boy
Tanay Son Boy
Tandava One who dances the cosmic dance Boy
Taneesh Man with ambitions Boy
Tanip The sun Boy
Tanish Ambition Boy
Tanishq Jewel Boy
Tanka Victorious Boy
Tanmai One who is captivating Boy
Tanmay Absorbed Boy
Tanmaya Person who is absorbed and consumed Unisex
Tanmoijyoti Happy, a happy soul. Boy
Tanmoy One who is completely absorbed in God. Boy
Tanoj A son Boy
Tansh A beautiful Boy Boy
Tanshu Wholly natural Boy
Tantra Reincarnated Boy
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