65 Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter V

VaalakyName of one of the Kauravas.Boy
VaathavegaName of one of the Kauravas.Boy
VachanSpeech or promiseBoy
VachaspatiLord of speechBoy
VachasyaOne who is well spoken of, or celebratedBoy
VadinKnown Lecturer; Speaker; A variant of VachanBoy
VadishLord of the bodyBoy
VadivelOne of the names of Lord Murugan.Boy
VagadheekshaThe lord of spokesmenBoy
VagindraLord of speechBoy
VagishVagish is a name of Lord Brahma. It means God of speech.Boy
VaibhavOne who is fortunate, prosperous and intelligent.Boy
VaibudhBelonging to the Gods, divineBoy
VaidyanaathMaster of medicinesBoy
ValinMonkey King; Mighty Soldier; A variant of name BalinBoy
VannakHe who has class.Boy
VarenSuperior; Excellent; God of celestial sky, of water and of the celestial ocean; Infinite; A variant transcription of name VarunBoy
VargabhName of a Rishi.Boy
VasantamalikaGarland of springBoy
VasavaA name of Lord Indra.Boy
VasudevName of Krishna's father.Boy
VasukiHindi mythological serpentBoy
VatsalAn affectionate person.Boy
VeasnaThe one who is lucky and fortunate.Boy
VedA sacred text in Hindu religion.Boy
VedangPart of the sacred knowledgeBoy
VeeramaniHe who is brave and confidentBoy
VehaCambodian word for sky.Boy
VelOne of the many names of Lord Subramanya; A divine javelin (spear) associated with Hindu war god KarthikeyaBoy
VeydantThe sum of the VedasBoy
ViamrshA name of Lord Shiva.Boy
VibhaakarThe moonBoy
VibolIn abundanceBoy
VichearKnowledge or educationBoy
VikalTwilight, evening or close of the day.Boy
VimukhtiA variant of Moksha, meaning emancipation.Boy
VinsandaHe who enjoys with his heartBoy
VirBrave man of Raghu Clan; One of many names of Lord Rama; A name to the ultimately formless (advita); An Incarnation of Lord VishnuBoy
VireakThe absence of desire.Boy
VireakbothA brave and noble son.Boy
VisalLarge or bigBoy
VisethSuperb or excellent.Boy
VishvaEarth, universeBoy
VisnaFaith or destinyBoy
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