2645 Hindu Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Ashmita Rock Born; Very Hard and Strong; A variant spelling is Asmitha Girl
Asistha Very quick Girl
Astikya Belief; Faith; Faith in Scripture and God Girl
Avanthi Name of a historical city Girl
Avipsa Earth; River Avni; Sophisticated; Rational Girl
Ayomi My joy Girl
Badarika Oriya word for jujube fruit. Girl
Baijanthi Name of a flower Girl
Balapuspika The young blossom or the young flower. Girl
Bandana Worship Girl
Bandhavi She who loves his family and friends Girl
Bandhini Bond Girl
Bandhura pretty Girl
Bandita Who is worshiped Girl
Banhi Fire Girl
BanhiSikha A tongue of fire Girl
Bani Goddess Saraswati Girl
Banita Woman Girl
Banmala a garland of wild flowers Girl
Banni Maiden Girl
Bansari Flute Girl
Bapti Expanded,Large, Wealthy Girl
Barkha Rain Girl
Barnali Dispersion of seven colors Girl
Barnalipi Script Girl
Barnini Beautiful Girl
Barsha Rain Girl
Baruna Wife of the Lord of the Sea Girl
Baruni Goddess Durga Girl
Basabi Wife of lord Indra Girl
Basanti spring Girl
Bashumati The Earth Girl
Bashundhara The Earth Girl
Basudhara Hindu Ritual Girl
Bavishya Future, Upcoming Girl
Bedika Platform, dais, pulpit Girl
Bel Sacred wood apple tree Girl
Benisha Flashing Girl
Bhaanumati Full of luster Girl
Bhaanupriya Beloved of the sun Girl
Bhadrakali Bhadrakali is also known as the gentle Kali, who came into being by Devi's wrath, when Daksha insulted Shiva. She is the consort of Virabhadra. Girl
Bhadrusha A Hindu name meaning the ganges Girl
Bhagabhai A Lord; has the power of a tiger; energetic Girl
Bhagavathi Goddess Saraswati Girl
Bhagini She who is fast like a mountain stream Girl
Bhagirathi the Ganges Girl
Bhagwanti Lucky Girl
Bhagwati Goddess Durga Girl
Bhagya Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth Girl
Bhagyalakshmi goddess of wealth Girl
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