58 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter E

Eshitaone who desires.Girl
EashitaA person who desires a lot .Girl
EashwariA name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
EbbaniIt means Fog or Dew Drops.Girl
EcchumatiFlowing water;river;spontaneousGirl
EchamatiA fresh stream of waterGirl
EdhaThe sacred one who is very vigilantGirl
EenakshiA doe eyed woman.Girl
EeshaIndian Goddess Parvati; PurityGirl
EeshaniWife of Lord Shiva; name of Indian Goddess ParvatiGirl
EeshikaA powerful arrowGirl
EeshtaBeloved; Name of Godess lakshmiGirl
EhimayaOne who is an all prevading intelligentGirl
EiramHeaven; a self assured person and responsible beingGirl
EiravatiOne who has lightening speed ; Ravi riverGirl
EishaPurity; name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
EkaaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
EkadhanaOne who is the portion of wealthGirl
EkajaThey are the one wnd only childGirl
EkanshiThey are natty, kind hearted individualGirl
EkantaOne who is in love with solitudeGirl
EkanthaOne who is peaceful and love solitudeGirl
EkaparanaOne who is the wife of HimalayasGirl
EkaparnikaThey are like Goddess DurgaGirl
EkavaliA majestic and precious neckpieceGirl
EkishaThe one who is famous GoddessGirl
EktaaOne who is a unified identityGirl
EkveeraOne who is the daughter of Lord ShivaGirl
ElakshiOne who has bright and beautiful eyesGirl
ElampiraiThe young CrescentGirl
ElauraA youthful princess; rich and famousGirl
ElaxiA woman who has bright eyesGirl
EliliA beautiful creatureGirl
ElilmaniPrecious like the rare gemGirl
Enakshia deer eyed person.Girl
Enia black female deer.Girl
Eravatidaughter of the ocean.Girl
Eshaniit usually means a wish or a desire.Girl
Eshanikameans to fulfill one's desires.Girl
Eshankagoddess Parvati or Shiva's wife.Girl
Eshmalucky or whom luck favours.Girl
Eshnaa wish.Girl
Eshnaait means someone who is a wish.Girl
Eshniwife of lord Shiva.Girl
Eshwarisupreme goddess or most powerful.Girl
Esitaa desired human being.Girl
Eswariwife of lord Shiva; a name used in India.Girl
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