122 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter G

GaegiA name for a woman scholarl a rulerGirl
GaganaThe skyGirl
GaganadipikaThe lamp of the skyGirl
GaganasindhuOcean of the skyGirl
GaganasriRefers to the blue color sky.Girl
Gaja LakshmiSpiritual Lakshmi, one of Hindu Gods.Girl
GajadantaLord Vishnu's wife or the spirit of fortune.Girl
GajagaminiMajestic, like an elephant's walkGirl
GajamatiThe name of a great pearl or ornament.Girl
GajamuktaBig kind of a pearl.Girl
GajaraGarland of flowersGirl
GambhiraGallant or polite.Girl
GaminiActivity of walking or running.Girl
GamyaA beautiful destiny.Girl
GanakshiRefers to wish or aspiration.Girl
GandakiA river or an obstacleGirl
GandhapuspaSweet smell of a floret.Girl
GandhariFrom gandharaGirl
GandharikaPreparing perfumeGirl
GanesaGoddess of wisdomGirl
GangaIndian river, gangaGirl
GangajalWater running in the river ganga.Girl
GangajamunaResembling as double colors.Girl
GangalahariName of an Asian river.Girl
GangiGoddess durgaGirl
GangikaRiver gangaGirl
GanishkhaSpiritual Parvathi.Girl
GaratiVirtuous womanGirl
GargiName of a learned woman, goddess durgaGirl
GaribIn a very pathetic situation.Girl
GarimaProwess, strength, honorGirl
GariyashiRefers to bigger or larger.Girl
GathaRefers to melody or hymn or a taleGirl
GatitaA riverGirl
GatsimarIndependence through intermediation.Girl
GattyThe speed of an objectGirl
GauharA pearlGirl
GauraGoddess parvati also a name of a raagaGirl
GaurangiPretty one and charming person like a holy cow.Girl
GaurikaYoung ladyGirl
GauritaHoly Parvati or spiritual Parvati.Girl
GautamiRiver godavari in indiaGirl
GavyaGarden of GodGirl
GayaOne of the holy places of in India.Girl
GayathriSpirit of the Vedas (knowledge)Girl
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