93 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter H

HababaBeautiful, attractive, gorgeous lookingGirl
HabiPicture, Image, depictionGirl
HabibaBeloved, darling, sweetheartGirl
HabibahFavorite, dearest, belovedGirl
HadewisaRoger of Mortimer's wifeGirl
HadilAcquire, obtain, achieve, the voice of a doveGirl
HadiqaGarden, Flower garden, Garden with rosesGirl
HadiyaGuidance of good value, High calibre, High qualityGirl
HadriaA town in northen Italy, Dark, shadyGirl
HagosJoy, happiness, pleasureGirl
HaleemaPatient, Sympathetic,Gentle, Mild, HumaneGirl
HaleemahKind, enduring, caringGirl
HalyatJewel, Gemstone, OrnamentGirl
Ham razA friend who knows every activity of yours, Close friendUnisex
HamasiExciting. Zealous, ThrillingGirl
HamdiyahThe one who praises lotsGirl
HamimaVaraint of Hamimah, Trustworthy friendGirl
HanaArabic for "happiness," and Japanese for "flower," Korean for "One, First, Consistency," and Hawaiian for "workGirl
HanaaHappiness, PleasureGirl
HanadiBeautiful face, lovely smellGirl
HanafiTrue believer, One important sect of IslamUnisex
HanaiFlower well (Japan), Off Happiness (Arabic), workGirl
HaneefaUpright, honest,TrueGirl
HanitA beautiful diamond.Girl
HankaGrace or favorGirl
HaralTime after the sunset.Girl
HarlennField of the hares. Feminine of HarleyGirl
HarlieMeadow of the hares, Female of HarleyGirl
HarlonFrom the army landGirl
HarlowEnglish surname which also means ArmyUnisex
HarlyRock meadowGirl
HarmoneeUnity; concord; musically in tuneGirl
HarmonieHarmony; with agreementGirl
HarshaniJoy or delightGirl
Hartleestag meadowGirl
HasriOne who is always happy and joyful.Girl
HavyaTo be invokedGirl
HayiAlive, LivingGirl
HayleA form of HayleyGirl
HayleaVariant of HayleyGirl
HayleighVariation of HayleyGirl
HayleyHay MeadowGirl
HaylieAnother variant of HayleyGirl
HayudA mountainGirl
HazellVarian of HAZELGirl
HazelleVariation of HAZELGirl
HazimaSolid, active, judiciousGirl
HazineMoney KeeperGirl
HaziqaThe activeGirl
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