170 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JahnaviThe daughter of the Ganga riverGirl
JabeenA name of the Ganga riverGirl
JackieA woman protected by GodGirl
JackyA pet name, means the one who finds God to be graciousUnisex
JaclinGod may guard herGirl
JacobinaA woman who believes in the protection of GodGirl
JacolynShe is a supplanterGirl
JacominaMay the God guard youGirl
JacquiA girl who is a supplanterGirl
JacquieA woman who supplantsGirl
JacquilynShe who takes the place of anotherGirl
JacqulineA girl who takes other's placeGirl
JacqulynA young woman who takes the place of anotherGirl
JacyndaA rejuvenaited womanGirl
JacynthA woman who looks like hyacinth flowerGirl
JacyntheShe is pretty as a hycinth flowerGirl
JadaShe was a God's giftGirl
JadeeA woman who is pure goodnessGirl
JadeynShe who is tiredGirl
JadrankaA woman named after the Adriatic seaGirl
JaeleighA mountain goatGirl
JaellaA woman who is prominentGirl
JaelleShe is like a mountain goatGirl
JaelynA woman who is a supplanterGirl
JaelynnShe is a replacementGirl
JaenThe mercifulness of YahwehGirl
JaenaA graciousness of YahwehGirl
JaganmataShe is the mother of the universeGirl
JaganmayeeGoddess LaxmiGirl
JahannaThe woman of the entire worldGirl
JaimalaGarland of victoryGirl
JaimolBeloved Girl; Dearmost Girl;Girl
JaishnaClarity; Quality of being clear or transparentGirl
JaisnaviGoddess of victoryGirl
JaisudhaNectar of Victory; Nectar of TriumphGirl
JalajaLotus; Flower in the WaterGirl
JalpaA Gujarati name meaning discussion; Like a conversationGirl
JameahA healerGirl
JameciaShe who is from JamaicaGirl
JameeA supplanterGirl
JamelyShe who is from the valleyGirl
JamelyaOne from the glenGirl
JamenaA holy riverGirl
JamieleeScottish name for girlsGirl
JamielleOne who followsGirl
JanaMan; People; One who is a kind human beingGirl
JanadaVariation of James, a supplanterGirl
JanahviName of river GangaGirl
JanaiGod has given an answerGirl
JanaisGod has answeredGirl
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