137 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KiyaKiya means King in PersianGirl
KaijaKaija name means Pure, UnsulliedGirl
KaikeyiKaikeyi name means Mother of Bharat in RamayanGirl
KailanKailan means Keeper of Keys, PureGirl
KailasaKailasa name means SIlver MountinGirl
KaileeKailee means Keeper of the Keys, The Pure OneGirl
KaileenaThe name means Torture or PureGirl
KaileyKailey means Each of the TwoGirl
KairaKaira means Peaceful and UniqueGirl
KairahThe name means Beloved FriendGirl
KaitlinnKaitlinn name means FairGirl
KaitlynnKaitlynn name means The Fair and Pure OneGirl
KaitrinKaitrin name means Unsullied, Pure OneGirl
KaityKaity name means Unsullied WomanGirl
KaivalyaThe meaning of the name is AlonenessUnisex
KajalKohl; Collyrium; Black eye linerGirl
KalaThe Fine Arts; Lady; Princess; The Sun; Time; Fate; One with artistic talentsGirl
KalathmaShe who possesses Great ArtsGirl
KalimaSpeaker; Mouthpiece; Blackness; The Mother KaliGirl
KalindeeYamuna riverGirl
KaliyaneiBeautiful and lovely woman.Girl
KalpanaIdea; Imagination; Fancy; Dream likeGirl
KamalwantKamalwant means Complete LotusGirl
KamanaKamana means Desire, WishGirl
KamariAnother name of Moon; Radiant; Brilliant and Luminant like MoonGirl
KambreeKambree means Mighty Warrior, StreamGirl
KambriaKambrian means WalesGirl
KamdaKamda means One who can Fulfill All Wishes of OthersGirl
KamilaKamila name means a Youth Employed in Religious SevicesGirl
KamiliaKamilia means Attending the Ceremony or Sweet FlowerGirl
KamilleKamille is Born Free, a Noble OneGirl
KaminiBeautiful Woman; Desired; Wish; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KammaSanskrit meaning of the name is Love, and the Arabic meaning is PerfectGirl
KammiYoung Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KammieYoung Attendant; Beautiful; Good looking; Charming; A variant of name Kamala which means flowerGirl
KamnikaKamnika means Alluring, CharmingGirl
KamoraKamora means Comes from the Golden MeadowGirl
KampilyaThe name means The Smell of ParfumeGirl
KamrieKamrie A Power of DevineGirl
KamuKamu means A Woman GodGirl
KamyaBeautiful; Good Looking; Charming;Girl
Kanak priyaKanak Priya name means She Loves GoldGirl
KanakaThe name means GoldUnisex
KanchanGold; Shining and BrightGirl
KanchangiriThe name means Golden MountainGirl
KanchanjanghaThe name means High MountainGirl
KanchanjotThe name means The Golden LightGirl
KaneilaBeautiful like a rose.Girl
KanishkaName of a King of the Kushan Empire in South Asia who supported BuddhismGirl
KanizahYoung Girl; Small little GirlGirl
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