257 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter T

TanmayiOne who is ecstaticGirl
TishyaThe sense of joy and happinessGirl
Tiyaa bird, small and beautiful birdGirl
TaajOne who is crownedUnisex
TaalikaCalm or nightingale.Girl
TaamraparneeCopper leavesGirl
TaaniPersuasion to continue to do somethingGirl
TaanusiyaA great devotee, enthusiatic about someone or somethingGirl
TaarakaStar or meteorGirl
TaarikaStarlet, a little star; A flower-shaped earringGirl
TaariniTaarini is one of the name of Goddess Durga. It means she who frees.Girl
TabasomHappiness from withinGirl
TabeedahEmotionally significant ideaGirl
TaijaA tiara worn by a ruler of a kingdomGirl
TaiunayaAbsorbed in or identical.Girl
TajagnaExceptionally clever and talentedGirl
TajahCrown worn by rulers; Feminine version of tajGirl
TajiaFeminine version of taj which means one who is crownedGirl
TalashTo search or to find something or someoneGirl
TalayehAn advance guardGirl
TalbashahA narrator of HadithGirl
TalikaA person of a specified kind or characterGirl
TamaliA tree with a very dark barkGirl
TamalikaBelonging to a place full of tamalGirl
TamanaOne who is desiredGirl
TamannaOne who is desiredGirl
TamaraiLotus flower, beautiful or great.Girl
TamasaA river, darknessGirl
TamashreeOne who is perfect and a whole personGirl
TamasviOne who has darkness insideGirl
TamasviniA girl of the nightGirl
Tamil selviA tamilian prideGirl
TamilarasiShe who is a Queen of the TamilGirl
TammaanA woman full of desiresGirl
TammannaA woman with big desiresGirl
TamohaThe MoonGirl
TanamA slender girlGirl
TanasiA beautiful princessGirl
TaneeshaA fairy queen; an ambitious womanGirl
TanhiA womanGirl
TaniamitraA queen of fairyGirl
TanirikaA flowerGirl
TanishiName of Goddess DurgaGirl
TanishkaGoddess of goldGirl
TanisiName of Goddess DurgaGirl
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