82 Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter V

VaidehiThe princess of Videhas.Girl
VidulaA Malayali term for moon.Girl
VihaHeaven or angelGirl
VaagdeviThe Goddess of learning.Girl
VaagiswariA name of Goddess Saraswati.Girl
VaanyaName of the Hindu deity of forests.Girl
VaarahiOne who rides on varaah. Also, one of the matrikas. A group of eight mother Goddess in the Hindu religion.Girl
VaasanthiName of the spring goddess.Girl
VadhanaBright starGirl
VaijayantimalaLord Vishnu's garlandGirl
VaishaliHistorical City. It's also the birthplace of Bhagwan Mahavir.Girl
VaishnaviGoddess Parvati, worshipper of Lord VishnuGirl
VaishviA form of Vaishnavi, meaning worshipper of Lord Vishnu.Girl
VajraDiamond, a precious gemstone.Girl
VallariName of Goddess SitaGirl
VallikaMalayali for creeper.Girl
VamilBeautiful, a beautiful womanGirl
VaniA name of Goddess Saraswati. It means 'eloquent in words'.Girl
VanishreeOne of many names of Goddess Saraswathi signifying her form holding VeenaGirl
VanitaA lady or womanGirl
VanmalaA garland of wildflower.Girl
VanshiA variant of Vamshi, meaning flute.Girl
VarijLotus flowerGirl
VaruniName of a Hindu goddess. It means infinite.Girl
VaryaTreasure or something preciousGirl
VasumatiAn angel or apsara of unequalled beauty.Girl
VatsalaA loving and caring woman.Girl
VedakshiThe one who knows knowledgeGirl
VedangiA part of VedasGirl
VedanshiA part of VedaGirl
VedantiWisdom or follower of the VedasGirl
VedashriBeauty of the VedasGirl
VedasyaThe one who knows VedasGirl
VedhaTruth, piousGirl
VedicaOne who has Knowledge of the VedasGirl
VedishaLord of VedasGirl
VedithaA name of Goddess LakshmiGirl
VedvikaThe one who spread sacred knowledgeGirl
VidhusahaniA learned woman or she who finds consolation in science.Girl
VidhutA Malayali term for electricity.Girl
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