128 Hungarian Baby Names With Meanings

Baby names are often a source of debate among parents. Some parents want a straightforward and classic name that will stand the test of time, while others want a unique name that can make their child stand out from the crowd. But what if we tell you can have the best of both the worlds without changing the meaning and pronunciation? Hungarian names are what we’re talking about here.

Parents all over the world, especially Americans, are highly intrigued by Hungarian baby names. Joseph turns into Jozsef and Anastasia becomes Anasztaisia. This appealing twist in names had led to a large usage of Hungarian names in the last few years.

A typical Hungarian name includes given name, surname, and middle name, which is optional. The names are followed in the Eastern name order, in which a family name is followed by a given name. Just like most of the cultures in Europe and Asia, religion and dynastic history of the country are the sources of the given names. Royal and Saint names that have English equivalents are also considered. The surnames are derived from trade, profession, and ethnicity. Some people also use given names as family names. Search through MomJunction's collection of Hungarian baby names with meanings below.

AdamMan, earthBoy
DanielA ProphetBoy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
DominikOne who is born out of a God; has Godly mannersBoy
HannaGod's given gift to me (a child)Girl
JazminTall plant that has beautiful flowers which give sweet fragrance.Girl
LeventeExiting beingBoy
LiliOath of God; Flower lilyGirl
LucaPlace name, a region in southern ItalyBoy
MarcellA person whose strenght is compared to the hammerBoy
MateOne who is like the gift of GodBoy
NoraThe person who is possessing righteousness and brightness.Girl
AneliaA form of Angela, meaning angel.Girl
AnnaName of a King; Food; Grain; Earth and Water; GodBoy
ArpadThe Light of Redemption; WandererBoy
AtillaGothic - Little Father; Derived from element Atta which means FatherBoy
AttilaGothic - Little Father; Derived from element Atta which means FatherBoy
Bencafemale form of Bence, means she will conquerGirl
BotondA wawwior who wields maceBoy
BrordaA rib in HungarianBoy
CiliBlind; one who doesn't have the ability to seeGirl
CintiaHungarian word for Cynthia, the goddess of moonGirl
CsabaA gift sent fom heavenBoy
CsillaA shining starGirl
DankoA pet nameBoy
DenesFollower of God who love detailBoy
DomokosHe who Belongs to the GodBoy
DomonkosA practical, efficient and down to earth beingBoy
DorikaA precous gift sent from heavenGirl
DorjanA dark man; efficient and lovingBoy
DorottyaTheyare the God's gift; has special goalsGirl
Emathis means serious or grandmother or nurse or Wife of Jarl.Girl
Enikoa young female deer.Girl
Enima word relating to deer.Girl
Esztera Hungarian word meaning star.Girl
Esztia femininized Hungarian word which means star.Girl
Eufrozinamirth or merriment.Girl
FarkasHe who is like a wolfBoy
FerencA man with freedomBoy
FerkaFrenchman or French.Boy
FinianFair, light-colored or white (haired)Girl
FrigyesHungarian form of Frederick (Peaceful commander).Boy
FulopThe person who admires horses.Boy
GellertHungarian accent of Gerard ( spear hard)Boy
GergelyHungarian form of Gregory (vigilant).Boy
GezaButton which used to fasten dress or cloths.Boy
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