85 Hungarian Baby Boy Names With Meanings


The distinct appeal of Hungarian baby boy names, rooted in their linguistic and cultural uniqueness, is believed to captivate parents. Like other cultures, Hungarians also have both surnames and given names. However, they may have multiple given names. However, only one remains in common use. One trait that makes the Hungarian naming convention distinctive from other Europeans is the adherence to the ‘Eastern Name Order.’ In this, the family name takes precedence. Interestingly, this convention is followed in several other cultures like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Basque. In cases of multiple personal names, they follow an order of importance after the family name (1). Likewise, multiple family names can be presented in either full form or as initials.

Hungarian names intricately intertwine with the nation's religious and dynastic past. A multitude of Hungarians bear names derived from the names of revered saints, marked by specific celebratory dates. While paternal surnames are customary, hyphenated names are gaining prevalence among the younger generation. A married Hungarian woman has several options for changing her name, such as keeping her maiden name or adopting her husband's surname alongside her given name. She has the option of incorporating 'né' into her name as well. For instance, if Andor Szabo (male) marries Eniko Horvath (female), her name may become Eniko Horvathné or Enikoné Andor Szabo.

Many Hungarian names have abbreviated versions. It is usual for individuals to use their full name professionally or when interacting with unfamiliar individuals while opting for the shorter version among close friends and family.

Under Hungarian law, a maximum of two surnames are allowed for children born as citizens of the nation. The choice of given names, limited to one or two, is drawn from an official list containing thousands of options. In cases where a name isn't listed, parents must seek approval through the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2). These criteria ensure names are respectful, easily written and spoken, and distinguishable as male or female. So, if you feel intrigued by these characteristics of Hungarian baby boy names, check out the comprehensive list of handpicked names to pick one for your little cutie.

heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Bence Baby Boy Sign Boy Victor
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image David Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Dominik Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is born out of a God; has Godly manners
heart image Levente Baby Boy Sign Boy Exciting being
heart image Luca Baby Boy Sign Boy Bringer of light
heart image Marcell Baby Boy Sign Boy A person whose strength is compared to the hammer
heart image Mate Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is like the gift of God
heart image Agi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pure; Holy
heart image Alador Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Owner of many horses
heart image Anna Baby Boy Sign Boy Grace; Favor
heart image Arpad Baby Boy Sign Boy The light of redemption; Wanderer
heart image Atilla Baby Boy Sign Boy Little father; Father
heart image Attila Baby Boy Sign Boy Little father; Father
heart image Botond Baby Boy Sign Boy A warrior who wields mace
heart image Brorda Baby Boy Sign Boy A rib
heart image Csaba Baby Boy Sign Boy A gift sent fom heaven
heart image Danko Baby Boy Sign Boy A pet name
heart image Denes Baby Boy Sign Boy Follower of god who loves detail
heart image Domokos Baby Boy Sign Boy He who Belongs to the God
heart image Domonkos Baby Boy Sign Boy A practical, efficient, and down-to-earth being
heart image Dorjan Baby Boy Sign Boy A dark man; efficient and loving
heart image Elek Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Defender of mankind
heart image Enika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong leader; Graceful heroine
heart image Farkas Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is like a wolf
heart image Ferenc Baby Boy Sign Boy A man with freedom
heart image Ferka Baby Boy Sign Boy Frenchman or French
heart image Frigyes Baby Boy Sign Boy Peaceful commander
heart image Fulop Baby Boy Sign Boy One who admires horses
heart image Gellert Baby Boy Sign Boy Sspear hard
heart image Gergely Baby Boy Sign Boy Hungarian form of Gregory; Vigilant
heart image Geza Baby Boy Sign Boy Button which used to fasten dress or cloths
heart image Gyala Baby Boy Sign Boy Downy; Youthful; Young at heart
heart image Houdini Baby Boy Sign Boy An escape artist
heart image Hunor Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A Hungarian ethnic group
heart image Ilona Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light
heart image Imre Baby Boy Sign Boy Energetic and determined
heart image Istvan Baby Boy Sign Boy Stephen or crown
heart image Jakab Baby Boy Sign Boy The God looks after him
heart image Jeno Baby Boy Sign Boy Well-born, noble
heart image Jensey Baby Boy Sign Boy High-class birth or noble birth
heart image Jozsef Baby Boy Sign Boy God will add
heart image Karoly Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong man
heart image Kartal Baby Boy Sign Boy Resembling an eagle
heart image Kato Baby Boy Sign Boy Who knows it all; Second of twins
heart image Kelemen Baby Boy Sign Boy Gentle
heart image Kiss Baby Boy Sign Boy Small
heart image Klaudiusz Baby Boy Sign Boy The cripple
heart image Korvin Baby Boy Sign Boy Raven; Wise; Noble
heart image Kristof Baby Boy Sign Boy The bearer of Christ
heart image Krisztofer Baby Boy Sign Boy A bearer of Christ
heart image Laci Baby Boy Sign Boy The glory of the rule
heart image Lajos Baby Boy Sign Boy Famos holiness
heart image Laslo Baby Boy Sign Boy Glorious ruler
heart image Laszlo Baby Boy Sign Boy A ruler who is idolized and adored
heart image Lorand Baby Boy Sign Boy He who came from famous lands
heart image Lorant Baby Boy Sign Boy A land of fame
heart image Lorinc Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is from the town of Laurentum
heart image Margo Baby Boy Sign Boy Pearl
heart image Marton Baby Boy Sign Boy A battling, fighting, warring individual
heart image Matyas Baby Boy Sign Boy A gift from the God
heart image Mihaly Baby Boy Sign Boy Hungarian form of Michael, meaning the angel of God
heart image Miklo Baby Boy Sign Boy Who is like God
heart image Nemet Baby Boy Sign Boy One who does not speak bad
heart image Nikolasz Baby Boy Sign Boy Voice of winning people
heart image Nyari Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Delight; Happiness
heart image Odon Baby Boy Sign Boy Person of enduring fame, not subject to death, and who is the personification of force
heart image Orban Baby Boy Sign Boy Hungarian variation of urban
heart image Patakin Baby Boy Sign Boy Creek or brook
heart image Remeny Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Hope
heart image Rendor Baby Boy Sign Boy Police officer; Peacemaker
heart image Roland Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous land; Glorious territory; From the famous land
heart image Salamon Baby Boy Sign Boy One who brings peace
heart image Samu Baby Boy Sign Boy The name of God
heart image Sebo Baby Boy Sign Boy Hungarian short version of Sebastian; Revered
heart image Sza Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Acronym derived from the supreme alphabet
heart image Szebasztian Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is an emperor
heart image Taksony Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is well content
heart image Tass Baby Boy Sign Boy Hungarian mythological name
heart image Tibor Baby Boy Sign Boy He who comes from Tivoli
heart image Tivadar Baby Boy Sign Boy God's gift; Gift from God
heart image Zajzon Baby Boy Sign Boy A surname
heart image Zene Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Empress; Noble woman
heart image Zolie Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Life

Hungarian baby boy names are known to possess a rich historical heritage. They are a blend of timeless traditions and fresh innovations that present parents with a diverse selection. We hope that the names in our list spark your curiosity and inspire you to delve deeper into their meanings. So, check out our comprehensive list of Hungarian names for your little sunshine of a boy and take your pick.

Infographic: Exquisite Hungarian Names For Baby Boys

Selecting a Hungarian name for a parent of Hungarian ancestry can foster a link to their heritage. However, regardless of your origin, if you are in awe of Hungary’s lush scenery or its distinct linguistic and cultural attributes, these names are bound to captivate your imagination. Explore our infographic featuring carefully chosen Hungarian baby boy names to find an apt title.

stunning hungarian names for your adorable son (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some Hungarian baby boy names with religious or historical significance?

There are quite a few Hungarian baby boy names with religious and historical significance. For example, Adojan implies ‘from the Adriatic.’ Agoston, a Hungarian variant of Gustaaf, signifies 'staff of the gods.' The popular name Dominik means ‘one who is born out of Gods.’ Marton means ‘a warring individual.’ The Hungarian name Árpád is also historically significant. Árpád was the leader of the confederation of the Magyar tribes in the 9th and 10th centuries. Likewise, the Hungarian name Béla is also linked to the country's history. Béla IV was the king of Hungary, and his reign was marked by serious Mongol invasions.

2. How have Hungarian baby boy names evolved over time?

The history of the Hungarian language starts with the Uralic era, in the Neolithic age (3). At this time, the linguistic ancestors of all Uralic languages existed together in the Ural Mountains. Numerous Hungarian words, especially in the language's basic vocabulary, have a Uralic origin. The Turkish occupation of Hungary in the 16th and 17th centuries influenced the naming tradition, with many Iranian and Turkish words entering the language (4). At this time, Hungarians developed culturally. Their borrowed vocabulary had terms referring to elegant dressing. Words of a learned upper-class society also entered the language. These factors played a role in Hungarian baby boy names as we know them today.

3. What cultural or societal factors influence the choice of Hungarian baby boy names?

In Hungary, children often take their father’s surnames. Some names correspond to a saint. These have an associated date when the specific saint’s day is celebrated.

4. How do Hungarian baby boy names differ from those of neighboring Central European countries?

Hungary is a unique European nation because Hungarians speak a language unrelated to any other major European language (5). Hungarians usually first put family names, except foreign names, in their speech and text. The Hungarian language has distinct orthographic rules. So, names may have different spelling patterns than those in neighboring European countries.

5. What is the process for legally naming a baby boy in Hungary?

In Hungary, a baby’s name must be selected from a list of pre-approved names. You must apply for approval if your chosen name is absent from the list. Applications are considered by the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences following a set of principles (7).

6. What are the unique baby boy naming traditions or customs in Hungary?

Hungarian names often have a single given name. They also have only one surname. Surnames are taken from common sources like trades, traits, ethnic origins, and names of places. A title of nobility is inserted before the surname. When a baby is baptized, they can get an additional or baptismal name. This is true, especially if there is no saint with their name. The child then takes a name associated with a patron saint (7).

7. What are the Hungarian names for Hunter?

Vadász and Vadászó are two names that mean hunter and hunter-man, respectively.

8. What is the Hungarian name for Gypsy?

The Hungarian word Cigany, which has been a part of the Hungarian language since the Middle Ages, means gypsy. The most common surname of Romanian/Gypsy/Hungarian origin is "Móré.' It implies Romanian or Gypsy (8).


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