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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Hunter

Hunter is a unisex name that comes from the Old English word ‘hunta’ and it was used as an occupational name for people involved in hunting. As indicated, the name means ‘pursuer’ or ‘hunter.’ A common variation of the name is Hunt. The name Hunter is quite famous as a surname with many famous people carrying it.

John Hunter was one of the earliest known individuals with this last name. He was a well-known Scottish surgeon and scientist in his time. He is recognized for collaborating with his apprentice Edward Jenner, a pioneer in the field of vaccination who developed the first smallpox vaccine. He is remembered for upholding correct observation and promoting scientific approaches to medicine. He is also renowned for performing the first artificial insemination.

Robert Hunter, a British colonial administrator and a military officer, also carried this powerful surname. He was the governor of New York and New Jersey from 1710 to 1720. He also served as the governor of Jamaica from 1727 until his death in 1734. He was inducted into the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and an Elected Fellow of the Royal Society. Also a playwright, Robert Hunter is also remembered for his three-act tragicomedy play titled ‘Androboros,’ which was the first to be published from the North American British Colonies in 1714.

Hunter has made its mark in fiction too as it has been used as the last name for many popular characters. Hillman Hunter is a character from the science fiction franchise ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,’ created by Douglas Adams. He is portrayed as a property developer who is tricked into moving to a different planet created by Magrathea. Jamie Hunter is a fictional character from the Scottish soap opera ‘River City.’ Lisa Hunter is one of the characters from the popular TV series ‘Hollyoaks,’ played by Gemma Atkinson.


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Famous People With The Name Hunter

  • Hunter MahanAmerican professional golfer, winner of two World Golf Championship events
  • Hunter BradleyAmerican football long snapper, plays for Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League
  • Hunter BishopAmerican professional baseball center fielder for San Francisco Giants of the Major League Baseball
  • Hunter Stockton ThompsonAmerican journalist, author and the founder of the gonzo journalism movement
  • Hunter LiggettSenior army officer of the United States and an awarded the French Legion of Honour

Hunter On The Popularity Chart

Hunter has been a popular name for babies for ages. Let us analyze this chart provided by the Social Security Administration to learn its performances over the years.

Popularity Over Time

Hunter saw its popularity peak in 2000 with 12,538 babies per million being given the name. However, the usage of the name declined gradually over the next two decades.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of Hunter was at its lowest in 2007, but it improved steadily over the next 14 years.

Source: Social Security Administration

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