219 Icelandic Baby Names With Meanings

Are you enamored by Blue Lagoon, Northern lights, and Reynisfjara shore? Then how about picking an Icelandic name to showcase the love for the country?

Iceland is very strict about baby naming laws. Parents have to meet certain rules of gender, grammar, and meaning to save the child from embarrassment in future. Also, the name should contain letters that occur in the Icelandic alphabet. There is also a list of 1853 approved names for girls and 1712 approved names for boys. So parents have to select names for this list or seek permission from the special committee if their chosen name is not on the list. The authorities will see if the name is compatible with the Icelandic tradition or not.

Even the surnames in Iceland follow an interesting tradition. The surnames are not family names, but are patronymic or matronymic. The father’s first name becomes the child’s last name along with the suffix, -son or -dottir. For example, if the father’s name is Erik, the son’s last name will be Erikson and the daughter’s last name will be Erikdottir. There are a few families who have true family names, but these families are originally from other countries. The law also allows the use of both the parents’ name as the last name.

Below is MomJunction's exhaustive collection of Icelandic baby names with meanings. Keep scrolling.

GroaTo growGirl
GrouTo grow. A variant of Groa.Girl
GudlaugOne who is a good wife.Girl
GudnýThe new god.Girl
GunndísBattle maiden, or battle goddessGirl
GuðjónIcelandic word for God.Boy
GuðrúnFight or secret.Girl
HafocaIcelandic word meaning Havoc (originally used in the phrase cry havoc)Boy
HallbjornRock and hairBoy
HalldórThe thunder god.Boy
HalldoraThunder, or thunder goddessGirl
HaraldurLeader of an army.Boy
HarpaIcelandic word for harp.Girl
HaukrHawk in the Icelandic language.Boy
HávarrHigh warrior.Boy
HelgiOne who is blessed.Boy
HinrikA form of Henry. It means estate ruler.Boy
HjordísThe sword maidenGirl
HjörtrA male deer.Boy
HjorturDeer in Icelandic language. A variant of Hjörtr.Boy
HoddA woman whose hair is beautiful.Girl
HoltiHe who comes from the small forestBoy
HrafnhildurRaven or battleGirl
HrafntinnaRaven or flintGirl
HrefnaIcelandic word for RavenGirl
HreinnA reindeer in Icelandic language.Boy
HuldIcelandic term for secret.Girl
IdunnTo renew nature or active in love.Girl
IngibjörgProtection or castle.Girl
IsabellaGod is perfection, or God is my oathGirl
ÍsakIcelandic variant of Isaac, meaning he laughs.Boy
JátgeirrThe fortunate spear.Boy
JöðurrA guardianBoy
KalfrYoung cow in Icelandic language.Boy
KatrínIcelandic version of Catherine, meaning pure.Girl
KlepprA large stone.Boy
KlœngrClaw in Icelandic language.Boy
KnjúkrThe top of a high, steep, round mountain.Boy
KolbrunCoal or eyebrow.Girl
KolliOne who is bald.Boy
KolskeggrOne who has a black beard.Boy
KristjanaIcelandic form of Kristina, meaning follower of Christ.Girl
KvígrA young bull.Boy
LeifrA variant of Leifur, meaning heir.Boy
LeifurHeir or successor.Boy
LeiðolfrChief wolf.Boy
LilijaIcelandic form of Lily, meaning pure.Girl
LiljaLilja is a variant of Lilija and means lily flower.Girl
LjotLight, one who fills lives of everyone with light.Girl
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