93 Igbo Baby Girl Names With Meanings

AkumjeliI will enjoy that wealthGirl
AkwaugoMy precious daughterGirl
AmaogechukwuLord's time is the bestGirl
Chukwudaaluthank you, Lord or thank GodGirl
EkeneThe one who recieves a lot of praiseUnisex
FumnanyaLove meGirl
GinikachukwuThere's nothing greater than a child and "there's nothing greater than the LordGirl
IsiomaOne who is fortunate and blessed.Girl
OziomaThe message, God's good newsGirl
UzoamakaA good pathGirl
AchebeOne who is protected by the GoddessUnisex
AdaegoDaughter of wealthGirl
AdaezePrincess, daughter of the king.Girl
AdakuA girl born into wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family.Girl
AdannaFather's daughter, given to the elder sister of a girlGirl
AdaobiThe first daughter in the family compound.Girl
AdaolisaGod's daughter.Girl
AdaugoBeautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.Girl
AdaureDaughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.Girl
AddanaThe younger sister of a girlGirl
AhunnaOne with the body of her father.Girl
AkuadaA girl born into a wealthy family.Girl
AmakaQueen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by natureUnisex
AnwuliJoy, a joyous and happy girl.Girl
AnwulichukwuJoy of the lord.Girl
AnwulikaMy joy is great or joy is greater.Girl
ApunanwuA precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.Girl
BinyelumStay with me.Girl
ChiagozieGod has blessed me.Girl
ChiasokaGod is too sweet.Girl
ChiazokamGod has saved me well.Girl
ChibaramezeGod has made me a king.Girl
ChibinobimGod dwells in my heart.Girl
ChibundoGod is my shelterGirl
ChibuoguGod is my strength.Girl
ChichimaA sweet and precious girl.Girl
ChinechezirimGod thinks good of me.Girl
ChisimdiGod says I shall live.Girl
DaberechiLean on God, one who is dependent on God.Girl
DaluchiThank God.Girl
EkemmaOne who was born on Eke market day.Girl
EpkereamakaOne who finds prayer is good and wonderful.Girl
EziamakaOne who believes that good things are obtained by going out.Girl
EzichiGood God!Girl
EzinneThe good mother.Girl
GinikaWhat can be greater than God?Girl
GinikanwaWhat is greater than a child?Girl
IfechiluruWhat God has done.Girl
IfechukwuThe light of God.Girl
IfedimmaSomething goodGirl
IfekristiThe light of Christ.Unisex
IfeyinwaNothing can be compared to a child.Girl
IhuomaOne who is favored.Girl
IhuomachukwuGod's favor.Girl
IjeaweleA smooth journey.Girl
IjemmaA good journey.Girl
KairaluchukwuLet's leave it to God.Girl
KaisoluchukwuLet's follow God.Girl
KamfeechukwuLet's worship God or let me praise GodGirl
KamharidaI shall not fall.Girl
KamsiyonnaGod has granted my request.Girl
KamtochukwuLet me praise God.Girl
KanyinuliaLet's rejoice and have fun.Girl
KaraluchukwuLet's leave it for God.Girl
KasarachukwuTell it to God, one who always confides in God.Girl
KasiemobiComfort me or console me.Girl
KesanduOne who spreads life to all.Girl
KosarachiTell it to God.Girl
KufreabasiDo not forget God, one who always remembers God.Unisex
KwentoOne who protects the family name from destructionUnisex
LebechiLook unto God.Girl
LotachukwuRemember your God.Girl
MachieReplacement of a lost gem.Unisex
MaduenuA term meaning The impermanence of life.Unisex
MakuachukwuEmbrace God.Girl
MkpulunmaA thing of beauty.Girl
MmasichukwuThe will of God.Girl
NchekwubeTrust in God.Girl
NdidiOne who is patient.Girl
ObiageliOne who is born into wealth.Girl
OgechiA fresh and successful ending of a struggle or contestGirl
OgechukwuThe very new mode of living or a characteristic state, new earthly lifeGirl
OgechukwukamaThis means beginning of a new style of living, start of a fresh human events and activitiesGirl
OgechukwukanaThe time spent worshiping God is the best.Unisex
SomtochukwuPraise God with me.Girl
UdumelueCrowned with honor and prideGirl
UgouloPride of a home.Girl
UloakuNigerian term for bank or house of wealth.Girl
ZikoranachidinmaShow the world that Lord is good.Girl
ZinachidinmaShow that the Lord is good.Girl
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