195 Igbo Baby Names With Meanings

A name is not just the declaration of one’s identity, but also an expression of what and who constitutes the unique self. So you should look for a name that reflects culture and heritage, especially if you happen to be from southern Nigeria.

Igbo is an ethnic group from Southeast Nigeria. Most of the Igbo names are grammatically constructed and have symbolic meanings. The names reflect the circumstances under which the child was born. Some names also have strong undertones as Igbo people believe in appraising the strength and power of God while naming their children. Deceased ancestor and place of birth are other considerations. To differentiate individuals with the same names in the same generation, the elders join the father’s first name to the given name. It’s also said that in the old times, Igbo women were named after market days.

Surnames are equally important amongst the Igbo people. It’s an evidence of your root and a mark of the identity. Surnames are also used for sustaining the family heritage. Unlike western custom, women do not change their last names after marriage. Even if it was necessary, she could change it to her husband’s first name.

Below is MomJunction's compilation of Igbo baby names with meanings. We’ve included popular, traditional, latest, everything for you below.

EsomchiWalking with the lord or one who follows GodBoy
EwelikeIt's not by powerBoy
EzesinachiThe chief is from God.Boy
EzeudoKing of peace.Boy
EziamakaOne who believes that good things are obtained by going out.Girl
EzichiGood God!Girl
EzinneThe good mother.Girl
GaniruGood luckBoy
GinikaWhat can be greater than God?Girl
GinikanwaWhat is greater than a child?Girl
GolibeRejoice, a joyous fellow.Boy
GosifechukwuShow the light of God to all.Boy
HanyechukwuLeave it for God.Boy
IfechiThe light of God.Boy
IfechiluruWhat God has done.Girl
IfechukwuThe light of God.Girl
IfechukwudeWhat God has written.Boy
IfedimmaSomething goodGirl
IfekristiThe light of Christ.Unisex
IfemyolunnaWhat I asked of the lord.Boy
IfeyinwaNothing can be compared to a child.Girl
IgwebuikeStrength in numbers.Boy
IheanachoPrecious or what everyone seeks.Boy
IhuomaOne who is favored.Girl
IhuomachukwuGod's favor.Girl
IjeaweleA smooth journey.Girl
IjemmaA good journey.Girl
IkechukwuThe power of God.Boy
IkembaStrength of the nation.Boy
IlozumbaNigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.Boy
IlozumbaNigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten.Boy
IsinachiOne who is sent from God.Boy
JachikeGive praise to God or Hail God.Boy
JayammaPraise to the lord.Boy
JideoforNigerian term meaning, you are justified.Boy
KachisichoGod's desireBoy
KachisideAs God has written it or the will of God.Boy
KaetochukwuMay God be praised.Boy
KainyechukwuekeneLet's praise the Lord.Boy
KairaluchukwuLet's leave it to God.Girl
KaisoluchukwuLet's follow God.Girl
KaluKalu means God of ThunderBoy
KambiliLet me live or I shall live.Boy
KamdilichukwuLet me live for God.Boy
KamfeechiLet me worship God.Boy
KamfeechukwuLet's worship God or let me praise GodGirl
KamharidaI shall not fall.Girl
KamsiyonnaGod has granted my request.Girl
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