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1334 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter K

KabirKabir name means The GreatBoyArabic,IndianIslam
KaalathiA tamil name signifying beginning of time;BoyIndianHindu
KaaliGoddess Parvathi in black fierce destructive form; Word means the black one in SanskritBoyIndian,SanskritHindu
KaalindiRiver Yamuna; Variant of Kalindi meaning Sun; Mythological reference of Kalinda mountains or River KalindiBoyIndian,SanskritHindu
KaaliyaName of a huge black fierce Serpent whom Lord Krishna wins overBoyIndianHindu
KaalkiOne of many names of Lord Narayana signifying him as protecting force against destructionBoyIndianHindu
KaamKaam means Effort to workBoyIndianChristianity
KaamaariA Sanskrit name meaning Enemy of lust; One who is considered enemy of deva of LustBoyIndian,SanskritHindu
KaamiKaami means Wishes and Desires are FullfiledBoyIndianChristianity
KaamjaaAn easy going and approachable individualBoyIndianChristianity
KaamlaKaamla means Lotus or Pale RedBoyIndianJudaism
KaananWild Dark Forest; A childhood name of Lord Krishna signifying his love for ForestBoyIndianHindu
KaanhaaA childhood name of Lord Krishna signifying his black skin toneBoyIndianHindu
KaanishikName of an ancient KingBoyIndianHindu
KaapalinA likable, good natured and happy individualBoyIndianChristianity
KaarikStar; Shining and Radiant like StarBoyIndianHindu
KaarikaaOne who is shining and radiant like a starBoyIndianHindu
KaarmugilanThe meaning of the name is The Rain-bearing CloudBoyIndianChristianity
KaarmuhilanKaarmuhilan means The Cloud that Bears RainBoyIndianChristianity
KaartiKaarti means Hindu period of the YearBoyIndianChristianity
KaartikSon of Lord Shiva; God of War representing light, strength, and success; One of many names of Lord MurugaBoyIndianHindu
KaartikeySon of Lord Shiva; God of War representing light, strength, and success; One of many names of Lord MurugaBoyIndianHindu
KaartikeyaSon of Lord Shiva; God of War representing light, strength, and success; One of many names of Lord MurugaBoyIndianHindu
KaarvannanKaarvannan name means God KannanBoyIndianChristianity
KaasarA surname of Indian originBoyIndianHindu
KaashiDerived from Sanskrit word Kashi meaning Shining; A Pilgrim city of India with temples of Lord ShivaBoyIndian,SanskritHindu
KaashifKaashif means Dicoverer, RevealingBoyIndian
KaashinaathLord of Kaashi; One of many names of Lord Shiva; Derived from Sanskrit word Kashi meaning ShiningBoyIndian,SanskritHindu
KaashinathLord of Kaashi; One of many names of Lord Shiva; Derived from Sanskrit word Kashi meaning ShiningBoyIndian,SanskritHindu
KaavalanKaavalan means Guard, ProtectorBoyIndianChristianity
KabalKabal means Clever, Active, IntelligentBoyIndianChristianity
KabaliOne of many names of Lord Shiva; A short form of name Kabaleeshwar which is one name of Lord ShivaBoyIndianHindu
KabalikrutSwallower of the Sun; One of the many names of Lord ShivaBoyIndianHindu
KabandhaUgly Giant; A mythological musician who gets cursed by Lord Indra and then later gets his moksha through RamBoyIndianHindu
KabarishKabaridh means A King of KingsBoyIndianChristianity
KabeerKabeer name means The ErderlyBoyIndian
KabeloKabelo means GivenBoyIndianChristianity
KabhooThe name Kabhoo means NeverBoyIndianChristianity
KabilanThe name Kabilan means Name of SaintBoyIndianChristianity
KabilashAlways Good;BoyIndianHindu
KabileshJoy; Happiness; Delight; Cheerfulness;BoyIndianHindu
KacapaKacapa means Cloud Drinker, LeafBoyIndianChristianity
KacesvaraName of a Famous Poet; A Deity of Beauty; A TempleBoyIndianHindu
KachelaA Surname for Samma Tribe people found along banks of Indus River in PakistanBoyIndian,Pakistan
KachwahaName of a Caste group originated in India; A variant usage is KushwahaBoyIndianHindu
KacimaKacima means Where the Clouds restBoyIndianChristianity
KadakHard; Firm;BoyIndianHindu
KadalKadal means OceanunisexIndianChristianity
KadamFirst Step to do any thing; First initial; Beginning;BoyIndianHindu
KadambKadamb means Name of the TreeBoyIndianChristianity
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