803 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

Ma'danA name of the God of LoveBoy
MaadhavOne of many names of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
MaadhavaA person who is as sweet as honeyBoy
MaaghName of a Hindu monthBoy
MaahirA skilled person. Someone who is an expertBoy
MaaksharthPrecious part of Mother's Heart;Boy
MaalavA keeper og the horsesBoy
MaalayA town in the hillsBoy
MaalinA gralandmakerBoy
MaalolamHe who coquered MadhuBoy
MaalolanName of Deity in Ahobilam; God in temple of Ahobilam; Lord Vishnu as beloved of Goddess LakshmiBoy
MaanMind; Heart; Soul; From the heartBoy
MaanalA Boy who is as free as a birdBoy
MaanasOne who has a powerful mindBoy
MaanavA person who is of male genderBoy
MaandhataName of an Ancient King; Means he who protects the Jiva or SoulBoy
MaanikyYeda; Enjoyer of the Earth;Boy
MaanvirOne who is brave and courageous in mind and heart; Fearless MindBoy
MaanwithOne who has a brave heartBoy
MaanyasriA variant of name Maanya which means the respected one; Honorable and Respected personBoy
MaanyataAn alert, attentive personBoy
MaaranBrave; Courageous; Powerful and Mighty Knight; Name given to temple musicians of TravancoreBoy
MaardavaA gentle, tender feelingUnisex
MaariIndian name that means RainBoy
MaarisamiRain that brings prosperBoy
MaartandIndian name meaning SunBoy
MaartandaThe Sun; Name of one of king of TravancoreBoy
MaatangA coud roamnig the skiesBoy
MaatangaIndian name meaning ElephantBoy
MaavalanProsperous; Rich; Wealthy; Well to do; HappyBoy
MaawiyaA man as sly as a foxBoy
MabishanInteligent and hardworkingBoy
MadaFurthest Point; Illusion; Intoxicator; Strong; Powerful; Hindu Mythological demon created by Sage ChyavanaBoy
MadanAn Indian name for Cupid, God of LoveBoy
Madan gopalAn name for Lord KrishnaBoy
MadanapalA Love GodBoy
MadangopalOne of many names of Lord Shri Krishna signifying him as lover(Intoxicator) of allBoy
MadanjeetVictory on Cupid; One who has conquered and won loveBoy
MadanjitVictory on Cupid; One who has conquered and won loveBoy
MadanmohanAttractive and Lovable; Pleasing; Appealing; Good LookingBoy
MadanpalA name for Cupid who is the God of LoveBoy
MadanrajAttractive and Lovable; Pleasing; Appealing; Good LookingBoy
MadasamiOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MadavaA person who is born in the springtimeBoy
MaddukuriAn Indian Surname used in various cultures but mainly from state of Andhra PradeshBoy
MaderuWorthy of Praise; Appreciable; WonderfulBoy
MadeshOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MadhabA Boy sweet as honeyBoy
MadhabiOne of many names of Goddess Lakshmi; A Bengali name for Goddess LakshmiBoy
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