702 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter H

HagramaDense forest, thick woodland area, opaque JungleBoy
HainainBeautiful; Pretty; Good LookingBoy
HaisiyatCapacity; Ability; StatusBoy
HajeshThe Hindu Lord ShivaBoy
HakesaKing of Sound; One whose voice is very powerfulBoy
HakeshLord of the SoundBoy
HakikatReality; Facts; Certainity; TruthBoy
HalabhrtCarrying a Plough; One of many names of Krishna's Brother BalaramBoy
HalayudhaCarrying a Plough; Weaponed with a Plough; One of many names of Krishna's Brother BalaramBoy
HalimakaPoison SpewingBoy
HamdardSympathetic; Friend; Companion; One who Shares Sorrow; MercifulBoy
HamdevLord of GoldBoy
HameerVery Rich KingBoy
HamentGold or Lord BuddhaBoy
HamirA RagaBoy
HamrishLovable; Helpful; Affectionate; Compassionate; KindBoy
HamshadAlways Victorious, ChampionBoy
HaneeshAmbition; One who is determined; One of many names of Lord Hanuman; One of many names of Lord Shiva;Boy
HansaSwan; A variant spelling is HansaaUnisex
HansarajThe swan king, Swan of kingBoy
HansarajaLord of Swans; King of Swans;Boy
HanshalSwan likeBoy
HanshikSwan; One of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
HanshitLike Honey, sweet taste, polite,Boy
HanshithLike honey, Sweetie, dearestBoy
HansikLike Swan Swim, Swimmer,Boy
HansinRich and Humble , Loyal , Capable, ExcitedBoy
HansithJoy of Wonder; A telugu nameBoy
HanspalProtector of Great Soul; Lord of the swans; King of swansBoy
HanspalaProtector of Great Soul; Lord of the swans; King of swansBoy
HanspreetLove for Great Soul; Affection for Great Soul;Boy
HansraajVariation of King of SwanBoy
Hansrajvariant of King of SwanBoy
HansratWish, desire, carvingBoy
HansroopPure Body or Person; One who has a great soul;Boy
HantidevGentle, mild, moderateBoy
HanumanLord Hanuman like MonkeyBoy
HanumanbaxA victorious being who always smilesBoy
HanumantDevotee of Lord RamayanaBoy
HanumantaPuffy CheeksBoy
HanumanthHindu Lord RamaBoy
HanumanthaFollowers of Lord RamaBoy
HanumesaLord of HanumanBoy
HanumeshOne of the many names of Lord HanumanBoy
HanutHandsome; Of the rising sun; Splendid and Bright like a rising SunBoy
HanveshVery soft Mind, HumbleBoy
HaracudamaniCrest Gem of of Lord Shiva;Boy
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