803 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter M

MallanA virtuous manBoy
MallaravanHe who is as gentle as a flowerBoy
MallayaName of Lord ShivaBoy
MalleshLord of Mountains; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MalleshaName of Lord ShivaBoy
MalleshiName of Lord ShivaBoy
MallikarjunLord of Mountains; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
MallikarjunaName of Lord ShivaBoy
MallikharjunaName of Lord ShivaBoy
MallinathThe name of the 19th Tirthankara.Boy
MallingaIndian name for BoyBoy
MallolanA name of deity in AhobilamBoy
MalohautIndian nameBoy
MalolanName of deity in AhobilamBoy
MaltiMoonlight; Brilliant; Radiant; Luminant Moon; Brightness of MoonBoy
MalyadriAnother name of Narasimha SwamyBoy
MalyajA heavy, yellow wood, a SandalwoodBoy
MamallanOne who is a grat fighterBoy
MamgainAn idian surnameUnisex
MamikOne who is a meaningful personBoy
MammattaOne who has the name of the menBoy
MammootyName of a Cinema Superstar in KeralaBoy
MamoolanA Hindi name for the BoysBoy
MamrajLord of Affection; Lord of Love; God's CareBoy
MamuOne who speaks only the good wordsBoy
MamujOne who is like a small childBoy
ManachahA man who is desirable and wantedBoy
ManadAnother name for Lord VinshuBoy
ManajitOne who controls the mindUnisex
ManajithA person who has conquered the mindBoy
ManakOne who has a good, pure soulBoy
ManalanA person who is successfulBoy
ManalpOne who is different than others, an unique personBoy
ManamohanaOne who won over the hearts of manyBoy
MananRepetition; Thinking; Meditate; ConcentrationBoy
ManandharA thoughtful personBoy
ManankA kind, affectionate individualBoy
ManantA person who is a deep thinkerBoy
ManasMind; Wise; Powers; To thinkBoy
ManasapremaA person whose mind is filled with devine loveBoy
ManasdeepThe light that a person radiatesBoy
ManaserAn Indian male nameBoy
ManashyuWishing , Desiring; Longing; CarvingBoy
ManasieA person who alwazs listens to the voice of its heartUnisex
ManasijThe Cupid; The God of Love; One of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as God of LoveBoy
ManasjeetA victory of the beingBoy
ManaskirA person who is goodBoy
ManaspreetOne who is in love with the humanityBoy
ManaspremOne who has a deep love for humanityBoy
ManasroopA person who is embodiment of the humanityBoy
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