423 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter N

NaagThe huge snake, a serpentBoy
Naag-raajThe King of the serpents, one who possess serpents.Boy
NaagarjunThe superior among the serpents.Boy
NaagchandThe serpent, the serpent possessor.Boy
NaagdharRefers to the Lord Shiva, who wears the cobra around his neck.Boy
NaagendraThe Lord of the peak of serpents.Boy
NaageshThe god of the serpents. One of the name of Lord ShivaBoy
NaagpalThe person who is the redeemer of the serpents.Boy
NaagpatiThe ruler of the serpents.Boy
NaagraajThe serpent KingBoy
NaagrajThe monarch of the serpents.Boy
NaakeshThe brightful moon in the sky.Boy
Naambhagatfollower of the Lord.Boy
NaamlivAbsorbed in Naam; One who meditates in name of ShivaBoy
NaavalanThe person who delivers a speech.Boy
NaavarasanThe person who is very well knowledge in drawings.Boy
NabarunPerson who born under the shining sun.Boy
NabenduThe one who was born under the first moon.Boy
NabhBlue space of sky.Boy
NabhanyuContinuing forever or indefinitely.Boy
NabhayanThe person who is closer to the sky.Boy
NabhenduThe beautiful and pretty moon in the blue sky.Boy
NabhiThe supreme effort that one can make.Boy
NabhijLord Brahma, the creator of the world.Boy
NabhikThe leader of the accurate path way.Boy
NabhikumarNabhikumar is derived from the name Nabhiraj and means father of Lord Rishabhdev.Boy
NabhinandanA name of Lord RishabhdevBoy
NabhirajThe Lord Brahma the initiator of the universe.Boy
NabhirayA variation of the name Nabhiraj. It means father of Lord Rishabhdev.Boy
NabhithThe person who is oblivious of dangers.Boy
NabhkantiThe person who resembles the biggest star in the space, Sun.Boy
NabhojThe person who came to this world from the Sky.Boy
NabhomandalThe person who resembles the blue sky.Boy
NabhomaniThe rays of the sun.Boy
NachiappaFather of a burning fireBoy
NachikA very short form of Nachiketa.Boy
NachiketThe person who is the son of Vajashravas.Boy
NachiketaThe event of burning fire.Boy
NachiketanSomething meant to burnBoy
NachikethFire from the hellBoy
NachimiOne who is friendly and hass a sensitive natureBoy
NacomaHaving the character that attract love or affection.Boy
NadalOverall circumstances or condition in life.Boy
NadapratithishtaThe person who admiring and escalating towards music.Boy
NadinathaThe Lord of the streams or rivers.Boy
NadipatiThe Master of the rivers.Boy
NagaiahThe God Cobra, the king of the snakes.Boy
NagaiyanThe King of all the snakesBoy
NagajaDaughter of the high hills.Boy
NagananThe snake's child, or born of snakeBoy
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