1226 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

ShivanshLor Shiv's portionBoy
SaakaarThe manifestation of GodBoy
SaanjhAn evening, a latter part of the dayUnisex
SaarangThe Moon and the SunBoy
SaarasA swan-like personBoy
SaarthikThe noble manBoy
SaatatyaEndless, never endingBoy
SaatvikName of Lord KrishnaBoy
SabadGuru's wordsBoy
SabalOne with great strenghtBoy
SabalaOne who is powerfulBoy
SabhajitThe celebrated oneBoy
SabhyaA refined and civilized oneBoy
SabrangA rainbowUnisex
SacchidanandaThe feeling of complete blissBoy
SachanA person who is friendlyBoy
SachchitA person who is consciouss, but joyfulBoy
SachdeepIndian name meaning the Light of the TruthBoy
SachdevThe Truth of the GodBoy
SachdhianA person who is captivated in truthBoy
SachetThe joy the consciousness bringsBoy
SachetanA person who thinks rationaly, with both feet on the groundBoy
SachgianA person that posesses the true knowledge of thingsBoy
SachhThe truth and honestyBoy
SachiOne who is the descendant of the Sun GodBoy
SachidanandA person whose mind is good and whose personality is joyfulBoy
SachintThe essence, the existance of thingsBoy
SachishThe Lord IndraBoy
SachisthA person who is the most powerful in helping peopleBoy
SachitTo be joyful and consciousBoy
SachivA person who is friendly, generaly good friends to othersBoy
SachkeeratOne who sings praises of GodsBoy
SachleenOne who is consumed in God's truthBoy
SachmanOne who is true to the core, who is true at heartBoy
SachpreetThe feeling of true love, or the love of GodBoy
SachsevA person who is the servant of the truthBoy
SachsukhA person who found the true peaceBoy
SachveerOne who is bravely fighting and upholding the truthBoy
Sada shivThe God is etarnalBoy
Sada shivaThe auspicious, pure personUnisex
Sada sivamAn encouraging, favorable personBoy
SadabinduThe name of Lord VinshuBoy
SadaiappanAnother name of the Lord ShivaBoy
SadajitThe always victorious manBoy
SadanandThe ever joyous and happy individualBoy
SadanandaA name of the GodBoy
SadanandamA man who is always in a happy moodBoy
SadarOne who is always respectfulBoy
SadashivAn individual who is pureBoy
SadashivaThe ever-auspicious individualBoy
SadavirThe person who is ever-couragiousBoy
SadeepanOne who is lighted upBoy
SadewaOne of the twinsBoy
SadgunA man of many virtuesBoy
SadgunaA virtuous man with good qualitiesBoy
SadhaOne who is eternalBoy
SadhanThe feeling of fulfillmentBoy
SadhanaIndian name meaning practice or meansUnisex
SadhilA perfect personBoy
SadhinOne who will accomplish thingsBoy
SadhnaOne who practices a lot, who finds the meansUnisex
SadhuThe rightteous, holy personBoy
SadhujThe Good conductBoy
SadikshaA person with good intentionsBoy
SadivaEternal, endless oneBoy
SadraA chief, a leaderBoy
SadriThe one who is in chargeBoy
SadruName of Lord VishnuBoy
SafalTo succeedBoy
SaffarOccupational name, a coppersmithBoy
Sagardutthe who is a gift of the oceanBoy
SagmaA mighty and powerful individualBoy
SagniOne who is like a sacred fireBoy
SagnikOne who is fiery and passionate. One who coquers the fireBoy
SagunOne who has divine qualitiesBoy
SagurikA capable, energetic, active personBoy
SahadevOne of the princes of ParavasBoy
SahajOne who is easy and naturalBoy
SahamTo bring peaceBoy
SahamanOne with many virtuesBoy
SahanjHe is a KingBoy
SaharshOne who is generaly joyful and happyBoy
SahasA person of great braveryBoy
SahasanuA patien manBoy
SahasinA person who is powerful and mightyBoy
SahaskritOne who bestoves the strenght and powerBoy
SahasradAnother name of Lord ShivaBoy
SahastrabahuOne who has a thousand armsBoy
SahastrajitOne with a thousand victoriesBoy
SahasvatOne who is full of velourBoy
SahasyaA courageous and mighty personBoy
SahatA powerful and strong manBoy
SahaujasOne who is given strength and powerBoy
SahavanThe 5th month of the Hindu year, also means the rain during a monsoon seasonBoy
SahayaA name of the Lord ShivaBoy
SahayuOne who is victorius, a winnerBoy
SahenA high flying falconBoy
SahendraOne who is nearly as powerful as God IndraBoy
SahishnuName of Lord VishnuBoy
SahishtThe one who is the strongestBoy
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