205 Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

TegbirBrave warrior with a swordBoy
TeghHe who wields the swordBoy
TegvirA bright BoyBoy
TeijinderGod of grandeurBoy
Teja suryaMan who is radiant and brightBoy
TejaiOne who glowsBoy
TejashHe who is sharp and brightBoy
TejasvarThe intelligent oneBoy
TejbirThe glory of the brave oneBoy
TejendraLord of the SunBoy
TejeshGod of brightness, sunBoy
TejeshwarLord of brightnessBoy
TejindarGod's splendor in heavenBoy
TejinderjitOne who won GodBoy
TejovikasOne who shines brightlyBoy
TejpalProtector of brillianceBoy
TekjotOne who is supported by the divine lightBoy
TeknamOne who takes support of the Lord's nameBoy
TekroopPersonification of God's supportBoy
ThakarshiLord krishnaBoy
ThakurLeader, godBoy
ThakurjeetHe who has won God's loveBoy
ThalbirA brave warriorBoy
ThamanName of godBoy
ThamenName of GodBoy
ThaqafOne with great skillsBoy
ThashanName of Lord ShivaBoy
ThavaneshLord shivaBoy
ThayalanName of Lord ShivaBoy
TheenashA rising starBoy
ThirathA holy placeBoy
ThulasitharanThe MoonBoy
TilakOrnament, ornamental mark on foreheadBoy
TiminLarge fishBoy
TirranandLord shivaBoy
TirthankarLord vishnuBoy
TirthayaadLord krishnaBoy
TirtheshThe name is derived from Tirth and means ford.Boy
TirumalaSeven hillsBoy
TirupathiSeven hillsBoy
TisyaketuLord shivaBoy
TitirA birdBoy
ToyeshLord of waterBoy
TrailokvaThe three worldsBoy
TriambakLord shivaBoy
TribhuvanWith knowledge of 3 worldsBoy
TridevHindu trinity, bramha, vishnu and maheshBoy
TridhamanThe holy trinityBoy
TridhatriLord ganeshBoy
TrigunThe three dimensionsBoy
TrijalLord shivaBoy
TrikayLord buddhaBoy
TrilochanThree eyedBoy
TrilokThree worldsBoy
TrilokanathLord shivaBoy
TrilokchandMoon of the three worldsBoy
TrilokeshLord shivaBoy
TrimaanWorshipped in three worldsBoy
TrimurtiThe holy trinityBoy
TrinabhLord vishnuBoy
TrinathLord shivtripur three citiesBoy
TrinayanLord shivaBoy
TripurajitLord shivaBoy
TripurariName of lord shivaBoy
TrishankuAn ancient kingBoy
TrisharPearl necklaceBoy
TrishulLord shiva's tridentBoy
TrishulankLord shivaBoy
TrishulinLord shivaBoy
TrivikramAn epithet of vishnuBoy
TuhinsurraWhite as snowBoy
TukaYoung BoyBoy
TukaramA poet saintBoy
TulasidasServant of tulasi, basil plantBoy
TuliRefers to a brush which uses to paint anything.Unisex
TulsidaasServant of tulsiBoy
TulsidasA famous SaintBoy
TulsikumarSon of tulsiBoy
TunavaA fluteBoy
TundaLord shivaBoy
TunganathLord of the mountainsBoy
TungarHigh, loftyBoy
TungeshwarLord of the mountainsBoy
TungishLord shiva, lord vishnuBoy
TuragA thoughtBoy
TurvasuA son of yayaatiBoy
TurviExtra ordinary or out standing.Boy
TusharaRefers to mist, haze or fog.Boy
TusharkantiLord shivaBoy
TusharsuvraWhite as snowBoy
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