353 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

ManjaCluster of Blossoms; Form of Maria; Men; Flower Stalk; CreeperGirl
ManjariA woman who is like a bud of the Mango treeGirl
ManjiFlower-stalk; Creeper; A variant form is ManjeeGirl
ManjikaA sweet girlGirl
ManjilaMansion,rank; Derived from ManjeeGirl
ManjinderA woman who is the warrior of the GodGirl
ManjiraBells worn on the anklesGirl
ManjishtyaA gracefull and Sweet Girl; The Bengal madderGirl
ManjisthaA woman who is extreme an intenseGirl
ManjitA person who controls the mindUnisex
ManjodhA warrior against the evils of the worldGirl
ManjoriThe sacred basilGirl
ManjuA lovely person with beautiful personalityGirl
ManjubalaA sweet and beautiful girlGirl
ManjubhargaviA name of the Goddess LaxmiGirl
ManjulaOne who is beautiful and loveable like the springGirl
ManjulikaA sweet Girl; Graceful and Kind womenGirl
ManjushaOne with a Sweet Voice; Graceful and full of eleganceGirl
ManjushriGraceful; One of many names of Goddess LaxmiGirl
ManjusreeGraceful; One of many names of Goddess LaxmiGirl
ManjusriGraceful; One of many names of Goddess LaxmiGirl
ManmayiA jealous womanGirl
ManmukatA person who has a liberated mind, a liberalGirl
MannaA heavenly womanGirl
MannatOne who has made a vow to a deityGirl
MannataA woman who made a vow to the GodGirl
MannithaOne who converses with GodGirl
ManognaShe who is beautifulGirl
ManohariA thief of heartsGirl
ManojaBorn of the mindGirl
ManojnaOne who is pleasant, beautifulGirl
ManojyaOne full of beautyGirl
ManomohiniA charming woman; An attractive and graceful women who is full of eleganceGirl
ManoramaBeautiful; Pleasing; Charming; Good LookingGirl
ManoromaBeautiful; Pleasing; Charming; Good LookingGirl
ManpreetOne who is pretty on the eyesUnisex
ManpremOne who is affectionateGirl
ManroopOne who has a beautiful mindGirl
MansheelaLove; AffectionGirl
MansheetalHaving a satisfied heartGirl
ManshiWoman; Strong Minded Lady; A Feminine form of ManuGirl
ManshreeA wishGirl
ManshviShe who is intelligentGirl
MansiAn Indian name for a womanGirl
MantharaA holy chantGirl
MantiA lovable girlGirl
MantraBeautiful holy chants and hymnsGirl
ManuOne who thinks wisely; Founder Father of Human Beings; Original Man; A ruler of earthGirl
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