388 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter P

PallaviBud; Creeper in full bloom; New LeavesGirl
PallaviniBud; Creeper in full bloom; New LeavesGirl
PallavitOne who is the song of lifeGirl
PampaA lake in chitrakoot mountainsGirl
PanchabatiOne who is a garden of five banyan treesGirl
PanchadashiIt is a title of vedanta philosophyGirl
PanchadhaA person of five timesGirl
PanchaliOne with five husbands; Wife of Pandavas; Another name of Draupadi; High Born WomanGirl
PanchalikaA name of a Princess; wonderful naturedGirl
PanchamiThe beautiful Goddess ParvatiGirl
PanchamudraAn idol who has five gestures; worshipingGirl
PanchashikhaOne who has five flamesGirl
PanchatapaPractising in the midst of five firesGirl
PanchvatiThe place beside the river Godavari which is famous for its five huge banayan treesGirl
PandaWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Brilliance; IntelligenceGirl
PandavikaIt was the name given to Pandava's wifeGirl
PanhaA sage like, innocent and important personGirl
PaniMeaning Lord Vishu; PaganUnisex
PanikaOne who is Shahid; the powerful handsUnisex
PaniniA Poet; Well learned Intellectual; SkillfulGirl
PanitaAdmired; One who feels and expresses admirationGirl
PanjikaA date in the hindu calenderGirl
PankajaLotus; One of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
PankajadhariniOne who is a holder of LotusGirl
PankajiniA group of Lotus flowers; water lily collectionGirl
PankajnetraA person who has lotus eyesGirl
PankhadiPetal; Soft and Tender like a Flower PetalGirl
PankhudiA very delicate petalGirl
PankhuriPetal; Soft and Tender like a Flower PetalGirl
PankitaPetal; Soft and Tender like a Flower PetalGirl
PannaThe graceful and expensive gem; emeraldGirl
PanuOne who admirable and compassionateGirl
PapiyaA sweet singing bird; rareGirl
ParaOne who is supreme naturedUnisex
ParajikaA sweet and rhyming; a raaginiGirl
ParamaThe best; Ultimate; Most SuperiorGirl
ParameshwaThe one who is the supreme God; DurgaGirl
ParameshwariOne of the many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
ParameswariA name given to Goddess DurgaGirl
ParamgeetThe Highest Song Of Bliss; Most divine song; Spiritualy superior songGirl
ParamitaFriend of Others; Best Friend; Best Well WisherGirl
ParamjogOne uniting with the highest; One who is connected with the most ultimate and superior most LordGirl
ParamjotThe Highest Light, God'S Light; Ultimate Divine BrightnessGirl
ParamleenAbsorbed In The Highest, God; One who is engrossed in the ultimate godGirl
ParamparaIt is the succession of teachers to studentsGirl
ParamsimranOne who is the highest worship pointGirl
ParamsundariOne who is the most beautiful personGirl
ParamvirThe Greatest Warrior; Ultimate Defender; Superior Fighter and ProtectorGirl
ParandOne who is as soft as silkGirl
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