181 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter B

BageshriName of an Indian Musical RaagaGirl
BahulaA Star; Name of a star; Cow, Kritika nakshatraGirl
BahurupaOne who is reserved and full of youth; many powersGirl
BaijantiOne who wins; a mythical flowerGirl
BaijayantiA beautiful garland for Lord VishnuGirl
BairagiIndependent one; freeGirl
BairaviMelodious; they are another name of Goddess DurgaGirl
BaishaliName of an ancient city; lovelyGirl
BaivaviA wealthy and happy individualGirl
BakaCrane; Variant transcriptions are Bacca; Backa; Bakah and BakkaUnisex
BakhsheeshThe Blessed One; Divine Blessing; God's Gift; A Donation from God; Given by God; A variant spelling is BakhshishGirl
BalaA Young Female; Little Girl; Infant; Small ChildUnisex
BalakaMeans a sort of cranes. It symbolizes honor, faith and self confidence.girl
BalanSmall Child; Little One; Young oneGirl
BaldeepMeans lamp of strength. It means to be creative and idealisticUnisex
BalinderjitOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his young age victory over Lord IndraGirl
BaljinderOne Who Cares For Others; Lord of StrengthGirl
BallariWalking Quietly; One who wilks softlyGirl
BandhaviShe who loves his family and friendsGirl
BarinderLord of the Ocean; Lord of vastnessUnisex
BarjinderOne Who Cares For Others; Lord of StrengthUnisex
BarminderGods Given BeautyGirl
BarnaliDispersion of seven colorsGirl
BarsanaRadhaji's BirthplaceGirl
BasabiWife of lord IndraGirl
BasudhaThe Earth; Producer of wealth; A variant of the name VasudhaGirl
BavishyaFuture, UpcomingGirl
BeckiBound; Captivating; Abbreviation of RebeccaGirl
BegonaLady of BegonaGirl
BelSacred wood apple treeGirl
BernardineBear-hard; Brave as a Bear; Female Version of Bernard; From an Old German CompoundGirl
BertildeShining Battle-maid; Woman Warrior; Bright Warrior MaidenGirl
BetseyGod is My Oath; Diminutive of Elizabeth; God's PromiseGirl
BeverleeFrom the Beaver Meadow; Beaver StreamGirl
BhabaniOne of the many names of Goddess DurgaGirl
BhadrakaliBhadrakali is also known as the gentle Kali, who came into being by Devi's wrath, when Daksha insulted Shiva. She is the consort of Virabhadra.Girl
BhagabhaiA Lord; has the power of a tiger; energeticGirl
BhagavathiGoddess SaraswatiGirl
BhaginiShe who is fast like a mountain streamGirl
Bhagirathithe GangesGirl
BhagwantjotLight Of GodGirl
BhagwantroopIn the form of God; One who is like god; One who is personified with the goodness of GodGirl
BhagwatiGoddess DurgaGirl
Bhagya LakshmiGoddess of WealthGirl
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