169 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter J

JaabiliFull Moon; Bright, Luminant and Radiant Full MoonGirl
JaasrithaA name of the goddess LakshimiGirl
JabaA flower name, HibiscusGirl
JagacitraWonder of the Universe; In Sanskrit it literally means universe taken as a pictureGirl
JagadambaOne who is the mother to the universeGirl
JagadambikaName of the Goddess DurgaGirl
JaganmataShe is the mother of the universeGirl
JaganmayeeGoddess LaxmiGirl
JaganmohiniThe name of Goddess DurgaGirl
JagannathaThe Queen of the WorldGirl
JagratiAwakening; Awareness; One who has great worldly knowledgeGirl
JagrutiAwakening; Awareness; One who has great worldly knowledgeGirl
JagviWorldly; One who has great worldly knowledgeGirl
JahnaviThe daughter of the Ganga riverGirl
JaidayalThe kindness has woGirl
JaimolBeloved Girl; Dearmost Girl;Girl
JairajaA goddes of victroyGirl
JaishnaClarity; Quality of being clear or transparentGirl
JaishreeThe honor found in the victoryGirl
JaisudhaNectar of Victory; Nectar of TriumphGirl
JaitashriThe music's nameGirl
JalaadhiSanskrit name meaning Ocean; The Sea; Living in Water; A CrocodileGirl
JaladaOne who gives waterGirl
JaladhijaGoddess LaxmiGirl
JalajaLotus; Flower in the WaterGirl
JallaviBengali name for girlsGirl
JalpaA Gujarati name meaning discussion; Like a conversationGirl
JalpoornaOne who is full of waterGirl
JamenaA holy riverGirl
JaminiThe nightGirl
JaminieA flowerGirl
JamunaA holy river in IndiaGirl
JanaMan; People; One who is a kind human beingGirl
JanahviName of river GangaGirl
JanakiName of Goddess SitaGirl
Janaki priyaDaughter of king JanakGirl
JanaknandiniGoddess SitaGirl
JananiA tender motherGirl
JanapriyaOne who is loved by the whole worldGirl
JanaviThe river GangaGirl
JanavikaOne who gathers knoledgeGirl
JanhaviOne of many names of Goddess Parvathi representing her as River GangaGirl
JanhithaOne who thinks of the welfare od menGirl
JanhviA riverGirl
JanishaOne who dispells ignoranceGirl
JanithaBorn AngelGirl
JankiName of Goddess SitaGirl
JanujaA daughterGirl
JanviAnother name of Ganga riverGirl
JanyaOne who is full of lifeGirl
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