403 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KiaraKiara means a Woman With Raven-Black, Dark HairGirl
KaajalKaajal name means Muscara, Surma or Eye LinerGirl
KaalakaKaalaka means Pupil of the EyeGirl
KaalanjariThe name means Goddes ParvatiGirl
KaalikaThe name meansFlower Bud od Loud.Girl
KaamakyaThe name means Goddes Durka or Granter of WishesGirl
KaamnaKaamna means Passion or DesireGirl
KaasiKaashi name means From the Holy CityGirl
KaasniKasni means FlowerGirl
KaatKaat name means The PureGirl
KaatjeThe name Kaatje means The One who is PureGirl
KaavyKaavy name means Poetry in MotionGirl
KaavyaKaavya means Poetry, MotionGirl
KabariKabari name means A Lock of HairGirl
KaberiKaberi means Full of WaterGirl
KabitaKabita name means PoemGirl
KachaKasha means a CloudGirl
KadalKadal means Oceanunisex
KadaliThe meaning of the name Kadali is Banana TreeGirl
Kadali balaKadali Bala means Plaintain FlowerGirl
Kadali kusumthe meaning of the name is Plaintain FlowerGirl
Kadali puspaMeaning is Plaintain FlowerGirl
KadamaKadama means Sweet MeatGirl
KadambariKadambari means Female CuckooGirl
KadhiroliKathiroli means IntelligentGirl
KadhirolliThe name means Brilliant like the SunlightGirl
KadmbariKadmbari meansGoddess SaraswatiGirl
KagajiThe name Kagaji means Paper MakerGirl
KahaliKahali means Mischeviousunisex
KaikeyiKaikeyi name means Mother of Bharat in RamayanGirl
KailasaKailasa name means SIlver MountinGirl
KairaKaira means Peaceful and UniqueGirl
KairaviKairavi means MoonlightGirl
KaivalyaThe meaning of the name is AlonenessUnisex
KajalKohl; Collyrium; Black eye linerGirl
KajallataKajallata means Iron VesselGirl
KajariThe name Kajari means BirdGirl
KajjalaKajjala name means Kohl or Eye LinerGirl
KajjaliKajjali means Black Eye LinerGirl
KajolKajal means Eye LinerGirl
KajriKajri means Light as a CloudGirl
KakaliMeaning of Kakali is Voice of the BirdGirl
KaksiKaksi means PerfumeGirl
KalaThe Fine Arts; Lady; Princess; The Sun; Time; Fate; One with artistic talentsGirl
KalajotKalajot name means Light of ArtGirl
KalakarniKalakarni name means With Black EarsGirl
KalapiniKalapini means Peacock, NightGirl
KalavatiKalavati means ArtisticGirl
KalidaKalida means The Black One, Servant of KaliGirl
KalimaSpeaker; Mouthpiece; Blackness; The Mother KaliGirl
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