403 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KanikaThe name Kanika means Seed, Peace of GoldGirl
KaninikaThe name means The Pupil of the EyeGirl
KaniraKanira means GrainGirl
KanishaKanisha means BeautifulGirl
KanishkaName of a King of the Kushan Empire in South Asia who supported BuddhismGirl
KanizahYoung Girl; Small little GirlGirl
KanjikaThe meaninig of the name is Sour Rice Water that Stands over NightGirl
KanjriThe name means BirdGirl
KankaliniThe name means One with Necklace of BonesGirl
KankanBangle; A decorative ornament for handGirl
KankanaKankana means BraceletGirl
KankaniThe name means BraceletGirl
KankanikaKankanika means An Ornament with BellsGirl
KankrangitaThe name means Gold GlitGirl
KannakiKannaki means Devoted and Virtuous WifeGirl
KanthaThe name Kantha means WifeGirl
KanthamalaKanthamala means NecklaceGirl
KanthamaniOne who is attractive and charming; Feminine form of name of Lord KrishnaGirl
KanupriyaThe name means RadhaGirl
KanushiKanushi means BelovedGirl
KanwaljotMeaning of the name is Light of LotusGirl
KanwalnainMeans Princely eyesGirl
KanwalroopKanwalroop means Embodiment of LotusGirl
KanwargunMeans Meritorious PrincessGirl
KanyaKanya means VirginGirl
KanyakaThe name means Little GirlGirl
KanyakumariKayakumari means Virgin Goddess, or DaughterGirl
KapalmaliniThe name means The Goddess DurgaGirl
KapilaTawny; Reddish Brown; Derived from the Sanskrit word Kapi which means monkeyGirl
KapotakshiThe name means Eyes Like a Pigeon, Pigeonlike eyesGirl
KarabiKarabi name means FlowerGirl
KaralikaKaralika name means The one that TearsGirl
KarambhaThe name means Deverse, MixedGirl
KareenaKareena means Dear, little oneGirl
KarishmaKarishma means MiracleGirl
KarismaFavor; Gift; Carisma; A variant spelling of Karishma which means miracle in SanskritGirl
KarkaThe name Karka means CrabGirl
KarmaThe name Karma means Destiny, Actions are FateGirl
KarmalaKarmala means Destiny, Fruit FieldGirl
KarnapriyaThe name Karnapriya means Sweet to the EarsGirl
KarnikaKarnika meas EarringGirl
KartaraKartara means Lord of CreationGirl
KarthiaeiniThe name of the indian GoddessGirl
KartikaOne who is like a StarGirl
KartikiDivine lightGirl
KarukaA piece of art that is divine, heavenlyGirl
KarulAn innocent personGirl
KaruliA blameless, innocent personGirl
KarunamayeeA kind, sparing personGirl
KarunamayiA person with a compassionate heartGirl
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