403 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter K

KarunyaCompassion; Benevolent; Generous; One who is very kind heartedGirl
KashikaThe Shiny One; Bright and Brilliant; Radiant and LuminantGirl
KashinathaThe name means Lord of KashiGirl
KashishAn Attraction; Admiration; One who is charming and lovableGirl
KashmiraBeauty of Kashmir; From Kashmir; Grape; Red KummumGirl
KashviThe name means LuminousGirl
KashwiniKashwini means StarGirl
KashyapiKashyapi name means EarthGirl
KasiKasi name means The one who comes from the Holy CityGirl
KasturiMusk; Fragrant MaterialGirl
KasturikaKasturika means Musk, ScentedGirl
KasviKasvi means She is GlowingGirl
KateishaKateisha means Joy, From KashmirGirl
KathakaliKathakali means A Folk DanceGirl
KathanikaThe name means WordingGirl
KathikaKathika means Bestower of CourageGirl
KathinyaMusk; Fragrant Material; Scented; Perfumed; A variant form of KasthuriUnisex
KathyayaniMeans Goddess Parvathi in Her Motherly RoleGirl
KatyayaniThe name means Goddess ParvatiGirl
KaumudiKaumudi name means Light of the MoonnGirl
KaurKaur means PrincessGirl
KausalyaThe name means Mother of lord RamaGirl
KaushaliThe name means She has many SkillsGirl
KaushalyaThe name means Lord Rama's MotherGirl
KaushikaThe name means SilkGirl
KaushikiKaushiki name means Covered in SilkGirl
KaustubhaThe name means Jewel of HeavenGirl
KaustubhiThe name means a jewel in Lord Vinshu's necklaceGirl
KautiryaThe name means She lives in a hutGirl
KavashaKavasha means Having a ShieldGirl
KavelaKavela The Flower LotusUnisex
KaverKaver is a Name of the RiverGirl
KaveraKavera means The Sacred RiverGirl
KaveriName of sacred river in South IndiaGirl
KavikaKavika means A Woman of PoetryGirl
KavindraKavindra means She who makes beautiful PoemsGirl
KavishreeKavishree means a Wise PoetGirl
KavishriThe name means She is a PoetessGirl
KavitaKavita means a Poem, PoetryGirl
KavithaKavitha means Rime to Write PoetryGirl
KavitvaKavitva means a Poem, a CompositionGirl
KaviyaKaviya to do PoetryGirl
KavniKavni means a short, small poemGirl
KavyaKavya means Poetry in the motion, a PoemGirl
KawalKawal means She who SingsGirl
KawalpreetThe name means The Lover that SingsGirl
KayashtaKayashta is a name of an Indian casteUnisex
KayraKayra means She is a Peaceful and Unique GirlGirl
KeemayaKeemaya means Miracle and Devine OneGirl
KeeratdeepKeeratdeep means She who sings praises of GosGirl
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