107 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter L

LaabhaAcquirement; Acquisition; Gain; ProfitGirl
LaalamaniRuby; Red Pearl; Precious stoneGirl
LaasyaSmile; Beam; Glow; GrinGirl
LaavanyaBeauty; Appealing; Attractive; Good Looking;Girl
LabangalataThe meaning of the name is Flowering creeper plantGirl
LabanyaLabanya means Pure BeautyGirl
LabhdiOne with heavenly powerGirl
LaboniLaboni means Woman who is full of GraceGirl
LadhiLadhi means Music, a MelodyGirl
LadliLadli means She is LovedGirl
LaghimaLaghima is the name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
LaghuviLaghuvi means TenderGirl
LahanaLahana means Bright HeadedGirl
LahariLahari means Waveunisex
LaharikaLaharika means Waves of the OceanGirl
LajitaLajita means ModestyGirl
LajjaLajja means ModestGirl
LajjawatiThe name means A Sensitive PlantGirl
LajniLajni means ShyGirl
LajvantiLajvanit means Sensitive PlantGirl
LajvatiThe name means ShyGirl
LajwantThe name means Sensitive, NatureGirl
LajwantiThe name means Delicate PlantGirl
LajwatiThe name means Untouched, DelicateGirl
LajyabatiMeans modestGirl
Lakhiname of Goddess LaxmiGirl
LakhminderLord of Hundred ThousandGirl
LakhroopMost Charming Among Hundred ThousandGirl
LakhshaWhite Rose; AimGirl
LakhsmiWife of VishnuGirl
LakhwinderLoved by Many; Ruler of Hundred Thousand PeopleGirl
LakotaAllies, a person considered as a friend. Name comes from the Indian tribes Sioux and LakotaGirl
LakshaThe name that represents the beauty and purity of a white roseGirl
LakshakiThe name of the Goddes SitaGirl
LakshanaOpportune and andventageous personGirl
LakshanyaA person who achieves the goalsUnisex
LakshmaniName of the Goddes of prosperity and luck. A person who has a sign or a mark of prosperity and luckGirl
Lakshmi shreeA fortunate and person who is blessed with good luckGirl
LalanaA Girl; A beautiful woman; A pretty young ladyGirl
LalimaA beautiful glow of the reddish, morning skyGirl
LalitaAn elegant, gracious woman of great beautyGirl
LalitamohanaPerson of appealing and attractive featuresGirl
LalithaWoman of immence beauty and radiating elleganceGirl
LambodaraIndian female name that means A huge bellied LordGirl
LamitaSlim Girl; A CreeperGirl
LaneshaThe woman who is strongGirl
LankaFrom Lanka; From the island fortressGirl
LankeshA great scolar Ravana from the Idian epic RamayanaGirl
LaranyaA person who is charming and elegantGirl
LasakiFemale character of the Hindu epic Ramayana, Sita, a consort of RamaGirl
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