353 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter M

MaahiLove, adorationGirl
MaanasiA sound minded womanGirl
MaanikaA red coloured jew, the RubyGirl
MaardavaA gentle, tender feelingUnisex
MadhavaOne born in the spring seassonUnisex
MadhaviA name for Hindu Goddes LakshmiGirl
MadhavilataA flowering creeper; A combination of name Madhavi and LataGirl
MadhioliAn intelligen personGirl
MadhuHoney-sweet personUnisex
Madhu priyaA person who loves the sweet honeyGirl
MadhubalaA girl sweet as a honey beeGirl
MadhubarshiA sweet melodyGirl
MadhubratiOne who is like a honey beeGirl
MadhuchandraA girl sweet as a MoonGirl
MadhujaA woman made of honeyGirl
MadhukaraA honey sweet loverGirl
MadhuksaraA person who baths in honeyGirl
MadhulSweet Person; One who is sweet like honey; A very lovable and kind person;Girl
MadhulaA woman lovely and sweet as honeyGirl
MadhulataA sweet creeperGirl
MadhulekhaA beautiful, gorgeous womanGirl
MadhulikaHoney, nectar, a devine drinkGirl
MadhumalatiA Flowering creeper, a vineGirl
MadhumathiA delightful sight of the moonGirl
MadhumatiTo be full of sweetness, honeyGirl
MadhumitaLicious, full of honeyGirl
MadhumithaSweet Person; One who is sweet like honey; A very lovable and kind person;Girl
MadhunishaA pleasant, lovely nightGirl
MadhuparnaA leaf of tulsiGirl
MadhupriyaOne who is very fond of sweet things, like honeyGirl
MadhupuspaA horizonUnisex
MadhuraShe who has a voice sweel like honeyGirl
MadhureemaA sweet and charming girlGirl
MadhuriShe who is full of sweetnessGirl
MadhurimaIndian name describing sweetnessGirl
MadhushriThe beauty of springGirl
MadhusreeOne who is beautiful; springGirl
MadhuvanthiSweet Person; One who is sweet like honey; A very lovable and kind person;Girl
MadirakshiWoman with mesmerising eyesGirl
MaduraA bird; sugarGirl
MagadhaA historical kingdom MagadhaUnisex
MagadhiFlower; As Pure as Jasmine Flower; Fragrant and Aromatic Jasmine FlowerGirl
MageshA name of GodGirl
MaghiOne who likes giving gifts to peopleGirl
MaghonaRuler; Leader; Chief; QueenGirl
MahabhadraThe river GangaGirl
MahadeviThe Goddes who is the greates one of them allGirl
MahagauriAnother name of the Goddess DurgaGirl
MahajanPeople worthy of respect, an Indian titleUnisex
MahakaliA name of the Goddess DurgaGirl
MahakantaIndian name that means EarthGirl
MahalakshmiA name of the Goddess LaxmiGirl
MahamayaOne of the names of the Goddess DurgaGirl
MahanjotAn ilustrious lightGirl
MahansukhA great happinessGirl
MaharakshaThe great saviourGirl
MahasriOne of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
MahastiA moonchildGirl
MahaswetaName of Goddess SaraswatiGirl
MahatiName of a raaga, the great oneGirl
MahekOne who smell sweetGirl
MahesaName of Shiva's wifeGirl
MaheshiName of Goddess ParvatiGirl
MaheshwariName of Goddess DurgaGirl
MaheswriA diligent and clever person; Goddess DurgaGirl
MahiThe World; Earth; Mother EarthGirl
MahijubaA great hostessGirl
MahikaThe World; Earth; Mother EarthGirl
MahimaA nobleness of the character, eminenceGirl
MahindarGreat IndraGirl
MahishaA young, unmarried womanGirl
MahitaA person who creates greatnessGirl
MahiyaJoy; Happiness; Delight; CheerfulGirl
MaiaMother; One who has unconditional love like a motherGirl
MaikaMother; One who has unconditional love like a motherGirl
MainaThe one who brings a message from GodGirl
MainakaShe who is born with great intelectGirl
MainamatiA girl from the mountainGirl
MaithiliName of Goddess SitaGirl
MaitreyiA wise woman; A intelligent and very knowledgeable ladyGirl
MaitriIndian name for friendshipGirl
MaitryA name describing friendship, closenessGirl
MakadaA Queen of ShibaGirl
MakandaThe Mango TreeGirl
MakshiA girl sweet as a honey beeGirl
MalaikahOne who is like a heavenly being, like an angelGirl
MalashreeMelody of the erly eveningGirl
MalatiName of Jasmine flowerGirl
MalavikaPretty Princess; Beautiful Princess; Name of princess of Malava KingdomGirl
MaliniFragrant; Aromatic; Sweet Fragrance; Nice smellingGirl
MalisaA soothing balm, lemon balmGirl
MalliFlower; As Pure as Jasmine Flower; Fragrant and Aromatic Jasmine FlowerGirl
MallikaA creeper plant; JasmineGirl
MalvikaShe who lived in Malva, a place nameGirl
MamataLove, Affection; Unconditional love of a motherGirl
MamgainAn idian surnameUnisex
MamtaA feeling of motherly love and affectionGirl
ManadhaGiving honorGirl
ManajitOne who controls the mindUnisex
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