134 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NabahThe person who is great noble or sky.Girl
NabanipaResembles very fresh blossom.Girl
Nabhathe middle of the heart or mind.Girl
NabhyaMiddle, centre, mid, equal distance from both sides.Girl
NachniThe person who is good in dancing.Girl
NadasiaA servant of the soothing musicGirl
NadinSlightly wet, care, trust, subtle.Girl
NagalataThe spiritual serpent or deity cobra.Girl
NaganandiThe girl child of the snakeGirl
NagarajiOne who have snakesGirl
NagashreeSupernatural snake or deity serpent.Girl
NagchudaThe holy bangles of a serpentGirl
NageshwariThe Goddess of the serpentsGirl
NaidhruaOne who is almost perfect, Goddess ParvatiGirl
NaidhruvLasting forever, close to perfectionGirl
NailadiOne who desires new experiences and is charmingGirl
Naimish nairitThe south-west directionGirl
NainshiA lady with beautiful eyesGirl
NairuthiThe rise of the new eraGirl
NaishaA special or lovely flowerGirl
NaishiA lovely or a beautiful flowerGirl
NaiyaA small boat to carry passengersGirl
NaiyahA small man-rowed boatGirl
NajaniOne who has congenial nature and is adorableGirl
NakshaThe map, illustration or drawing of the boundariesGirl
NakshitaThe one with pretty and attractive features by her own.Girl
NaktiThe night or the time of duskGirl
NalakaName of a Goddess in Nainital; powerfulGirl
NalakiniA lake full of Lotus flowersGirl
NalitzOne who has individuality and has self confidenceGirl
NamanaFlexible or bending to downwards.Girl
NamasriThe respectful name, a holy nameGirl
NanakName of the first Sikh GuruGirl
NarainA Godly Person; The God Vishnu; A variant of name NarayanGirl
NarayaniPresent in great quantity, existing in great number or quantityGirl
NarinderKing of Men; A variant form of NarendraGirl
NashemaA blossom or a wise girlGirl
NatesaThe Master of dance.Girl
NaukaResembles the transportation that helps to travel by sea.Girl
NausheenAttractive one or fine looking one.Girl
NavkiranNew ray of Sunshine; New Radiance;Girl
NayanaThe person is from Merion, Wales.Girl
NayanishThe boundary of the multitude.Unisex
NeehaThe dew droplets, rainGirl
NeehalFresh, newly born or original.Girl
NeeharikaThe one who has nice and good looking.Girl
NeelabjaThe lotus flower that grows in the water shore , blue in color.Girl
NeelajaRiver which flows from the sapphire peak.Girl
NeelambariLotus floret which reflects blue color.Girl
NeelanjanaPretty blue color image.Girl
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