388 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter P

ParbaniName of a Goddess who has greatest auraGirl
ParbartiOne who is the daughter of the mountainsGirl
PareetLove; Affection; Compassion; The One Who Loves The LordGirl
PariFairy; Angel; One who is filled with goodness and is like a life saviorGirl
ParidhiLimit; Boundary; One who controls our lifeGirl
ParikhanOne who is like the fairy queenGirl
ParimalanA fragrant and lovely human beingGirl
ParinaFairy; Angel; One who is filled with goodness and is like a life saviorGirl
ParineetiA bird; one who is beautiful like a fairyGirl
ParinitaComplete; One who fulfills our life; One who brings completion and fulfillment in lifeGirl
ParisaAngelic Face; A derived name from Pari which means fairyGirl
ParivitaExtermely free; One who is independent and self standingGirl
PariyatFlower; Beautiful; Soft and Tender like a flowerGirl
ParmidaPrincess; Royal descendantGirl
ParmilaName of Arjuna's wifeGirl
ParmindarGod Of Gods; Ultimate GodGirl
ParmitaWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Brilliance; IntelligenceGirl
ParmjitOne who has won over the ultimate; A variant spelling is ParmjeetGirl
ParnakshiIt means married; eyes like leafGirl
ParnashriLeafy beauty; One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
ParnaviA sweet song singing birdGirl
ParneetMarried; one who is idealistic and sensitiveGirl
ParniOne who is leafy and delicateGirl
ParnikA creeper or a small leafGirl
ParnikaA small leaf, One of many names of Goddess ParvathiGirl
ParnitaName given to an auspicious and beautiful apsaraGirl
ParnoLeafy; a fortunate individualGirl
ParomarshiPretty and beautiful personGirl
ParpatiName of a ayurvedic medicineGirl
ParthavName given to Goddess SitaGirl
ParthaviOne of many names of Goddess SitaGirl
ParthiviOne of many names of Goddess SitaGirl
ParulFive petal flower; known for beautyUnisex
ParvA strong and festive individualGirl
ParvaA festive and strong individualGirl
ParvaniA Sanskrit name meaning day of the full moon; Special DayGirl
ParvathiOne who is he the beautiful daughter of mountainsGirl
ParvatiA daughter of the mountainsGirl
ParviniFestival; Special dayGirl
ParyaA devoted and understanding beingGirl
ParyaptiOne who is like conclusionGirl
PasamiliA happy go lucky; spontaneous and loving beingUnisex
PashupriyaAn individual who is fond of all beingsGirl
PatalaAnother name for Goddess DurgaGirl
PatalikaOne who maintains a strong bondGirl
PatatriHard working; a birdGirl
PatavaThe one who can appreciate beautyGirl
PatavyaOne who is like goddess DurgaGirl
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