243 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter R

RiyaA female singer of great graceGirl
RaagaShe who is musicalGirl
RaagaviOne that sings with RaagaGirl
RaaginiA music or a melodyGirl
RaajeeThe shining oneGirl
RaakaFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Luminant MoonGirl
RaakhiSymbol Of Protection; Destroyer of Evil; Protector; Destroyer of DemonsGirl
RaaneeA queenGirl
RaashiCollection; Cluster of celestial star positions signifying good luck and fortuneGirl
RabriOne who is sweetGirl
RachaitaOne who is a composerGirl
RachaitriA female makerGirl
RachanaA creationGirl
RachiMorning, looking eastGirl
RachikaA mirage or a rayGirl
RachitaCreated; One who is creative and talentedGirl
RachnaA construstion or a creationGirl
RacitaIndian name meaning the creatorGirl
RadhaLover of Lord Krishna; Successful; ContentGirl
RadhikaSuccessful; Content; A variant name of RadhaGirl
RadhiyaaSuccessful; Content; A variant name of RadhaGirl
RaekhShape; Line; Limit; A variant form of RekhaGirl
RaeleahA ray of sunshineGirl
RaeyaA singerGirl
RagaMelody; Tune; Musical RhythmGirl
RagiA loving personGirl
RaginiShe who has an attractive voiceGirl
RagniMelody; Tune; Musical RhythmGirl
RahelaOne who shows the wayGirl
RahniA queenGirl
Raj kumariA princessGirl
Raja lakshmiIndian Goddes of moneyGirl
RajabrataIndian name for girlsGirl
RajakiShe who washesGirl
RajakiniA washermanGirl
RajalakshmiOne of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
RajamOne of many names of Goddess LakshmiGirl
RajaniNight; Dark and Beautiful NightGirl
RajanigandhaNight blossoming flower; Fragrance of Flowers blooming in the NightGirl
RajanikantaaThe moonGirl
RajannaA respected kingGirl
RajashriQueen; Royalty; From the Royal FamilyGirl
RajasiFull of Passion; Worthy of a King; One of many names of Goddess DurgaUnisex
RajasriA queenGirl
RajasuyaA sacrifice performed by a King to be entitled to throne; RoyalGirl
RajatsubhraShe who is as pale as silverGirl
RajdulariDear princess; From the Royal FamilyGirl
RajeshriQueen; Royalty; From the Royal FamilyGirl
RajeshvariOne of the many names of Goddess ParvatiGirl
RajeshwariOne of the many names of Goddess ParvatiGirl
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