520 Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SaanviName of the Goddess LakshmiGirl
SamairaA compagnion in the converations led at nightGirl
SiyaA woman sho always winsGirl
SaachA truthful, beloved and graceful personGirl
SaachiA person who is beloved because she speaks the truthGirl
SaahiraA wakeful personGirl
SaajA worshiper of GodGirl
SaanjaliA hand that is claspled in a prayerGirl
SaanjhAn evening, a latter part of the dayUnisex
SaaraA noble-born woman, a princessGirl
SaaraaShe is like a PrincessGirl
SaatvikaName of Goddess DurgaGirl
SabeenaShe who is beautifulGirl
SabitaA beautiful sunshineGirl
SabithaThe one who shines beautifulyGirl
SabitriOne who is related to sun; a beautiful personGirl
SabooreeOne who is full of contentmentGirl
SabrangA rainbowUnisex
SachitaA person who is both happy and consciousGirl
Sada shivaThe auspicious, pure personUnisex
SadabhujaThe name of Goddess DurgaGirl
SadgatiThe felling of liberation and freedomGirl
SadhanaIndian name meaning practice or meansUnisex
SadhikaA person who achieves thing in lifeGirl
SadhnaOne who practices a lot, who finds the meansUnisex
SaeeA female friendGirl
SaeshaThe truth of lifeGirl
SagariOne of the oceanGirl
SagarikaA woman born in the oceanGirl
SagunaA virtuous womanGirl
SahanaA patient individualGirl
SahasraThe new begining, a new chance in lifeGirl
SahejA natural, original womanGirl
SaheliShe who is a friendGirl
SahikaIndian name meaning peakGirl
SahityaThe literate one, some one sho appreciates literatureGirl
SahnaA form or a figureGirl
SahojOne who is strongUnisex
SahriSmall and humble personGirl
SahriyaAuspicious personGirl
SahuriThe Sun and the EarthUnisex
SaihajleenA person absorbed in bliss and peaceGirl
SaijalOne who is like river water, full of waterGirl
SaijayaniPersonification of victoryGirl
SaindhavaA name for Himalayan Pink rock saltGirl
SaiyaOne who is like a shadowGirl
SajalaA woman who is comapred to the cloudsGirl
SajaniA person who is well loved by othersGirl
SajayaA woman of grat and big heartGirl
SajiyaA person of very attractive looksGirl
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