121 Indonesian Baby Names With Meanings


Indonesia is a thriving country with hundreds of linguistic and ethnic groups. Their diversity is reflected in the Indonesian baby names. This sovereign country, consisting of over 18000 islands, is home to over 700 indigenous languages. It is a land of diverse ethnic groups, unique cultures, and traditions. Over the years, many of these ethnicities have adopted Indonesian names as a unifying thread that connects the nation. Especially among individuals from Java, it is common to encounter people with lengthy names shortened into nicknames. This practice of shortening names allows for more convenient and comfortable communication in daily interactions. Embracing Indonesian names have allowed the people of Indonesia to celebrate their shared identity while honoring the rich diversity that makes the country so vibrant. The names chosen by Indonesian parents reflect not only their family backgrounds but also the collective spirit of unity and harmony that defines this remarkable nation. But to understand Indonesian baby names, you first need to know where they come from. The naming conventions reflect the polyglot nature of the country. Indonesians do not follow the Western naming practice of a given name followed by the family name. They pick only one name for their children, which is culturally or geographically specific. For example, names ending with ‘o’ are Japanese, and names beginning with ‘Su’ are Sumatran. Names with origins in Kawi, Arabic, and Sanskrit, are preferred by modern parents. As each new generation receives their names, they become an integral part of the cultural heritage, carrying forward the essence of their roots and contributing to the beautiful mosaic of identities that form the fabric of Indonesian society. Browse through our list of Indonesian baby names and their meanings below. You can even bookmark your favorite names for later.

heart image Abyasa Baby Boy Sign Boy Clever
heart image Adhiarja Baby Boy Sign Boy Safety
heart image Adika Baby Boy Sign Boy The first child of the second husband
heart image Adiratna Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful jewel
heart image Agung Baby Boy Sign Boy Grand or great
heart image Ahmad Baby Boy Sign Boy Much praised; Name of prophet Muhammad
heart image Ahmadzulkifli Baby Boy Sign Boy An Indonesian voice actor
heart image Ajij Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful; Respected; Beloved; A variant of Aziz
heart image Amisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure and beautiful with a heart of gold
heart image Angga Baby Boy Sign Boy Tooth; Antlers
heart image Angkasa Baby Girl Sign Girl The sky
heart image Annisa Baby Girl Sign Girl A satisfied and friendly human being
heart image Arief Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is clever and intelligent
heart image Arif Baby Boy Sign Boy Knowing; Knowledgeable; Wise; Intelligent; Sage
heart image Aulia Baby Girl Sign Girl Good friend and companion
heart image Bagaskoro Baby Boy Sign Boy Sun rays
heart image Bagus Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome; Excellent
heart image Bakti Baby Boy Sign Boy An obedient boy
heart image Banyu Baby Boy Sign Boy Water
heart image Baskoro Baby Boy Sign Boy Midday sun
heart image Basuki Baby Boy Sign Boy To flourish
heart image Batara Baby Boy Sign Boy God
heart image Berkah Baby Boy Sign Boy God's gift
heart image Buana Baby Boy Sign Boy A whole world
heart image Budi Baby Boy Sign Boy To have reason, mind or a character
heart image Budiwati Baby Girl Sign Girl The wise one
heart image Bulan Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon; Month in Indonesian
heart image Cahya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Light in darkness
heart image Cahyono Baby Boy Sign Boy Light
heart image Chahaya Baby Boy Sign Boy Light
heart image Cindy Baby Girl Sign Girl Woman from Cynthus; Light
heart image Cipta Baby Boy Sign Boy To create
heart image Citra Baby Girl Sign Girl Picture; Image; A form of art; An artist's impression
heart image Darma Baby Boy Sign Boy Good deed or duty
heart image David Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Dewi Baby Girl Sign Girl The Goddess
heart image Diah Baby Girl Sign Girl A young and powerful girl
heart image Diann Baby Girl Sign Girl A burning candle; Lord of wine
heart image Dumadi Baby Boy Sign Boy Becoming
heart image Eas Baby Boy Sign Boy Gold
heart image Eka Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The first born child
heart image Elang Baby Boy Sign Boy Falcon
heart image Elok Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful woman; Jewel
heart image Endah Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; One who is excessively beautiful
heart image Fadhlan Baby Boy Sign Boy A gift from God
heart image Farah Baby Girl Sign Girl Happiness
heart image Farel Baby Boy Sign Boy Heroic
heart image Farrell Baby Boy Sign Boy Man of courage
heart image Galang Baby Boy Sign Boy To assemble
heart image Gemi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Refers to uncertain or unsure time in life
heart image Gesang Baby Boy Sign Boy Life or alive
heart image Gunadi Baby Boy Sign Boy Something meaningful
heart image Guritno Baby Girl Sign Girl Poetess or poetic
heart image Gus Baby Boy Sign Boy Exalted; Majestic; Great; Venerable
heart image Guss Baby Boy Sign Boy Coolest kid you have ever met
heart image Harum Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who smells good
heart image Henry Baby Boy Sign Boy Home ruler
heart image Indah Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; A beautiful woman; A variation of Endah.
heart image Intan Baby Boy Sign Boy Diamond
heart image Inten Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Intan; Diamond
heart image Irene Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Ismaya Baby Boy Sign Boy God-like; Wise
heart image Jayachandra Baby Girl Sign Girl One who won
heart image Joyo Baby Boy Sign Boy Victorious
heart image Kabul Baby Boy Sign Boy Fulfilled wish or prayer
heart image Kadek Baby Boy Sign Boy Younger sibling; Second child
heart image Kaliappa Baby Boy Sign Boy Bud
heart image Kemala Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful stone
heart image Kemuning Baby Girl Sign Girl A yellow flower found in Indonesia
heart image Kersen Baby Boy Sign Boy Cherry in Indonesian language
heart image Kevin Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome by birth; Gentle
heart image Kristiono Baby Boy Sign Boy A Christian man or a follower of Christmas.
heart image Kristiyana Baby Girl Sign Girl A Christian woman.
heart image Kulon Baby Boy Sign Boy Kulon means the West
heart image Legi Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweet
heart image Lestari Baby Girl Sign Girl Everlasting
heart image Maharani Baby Girl Sign Girl She who rules the empire
heart image Maria Baby Girl Sign Girl Bitter
heart image Marshanda Baby Girl Sign Girl A brave and bold girl
heart image Mawar Baby Girl Sign Girl Rose
heart image Mega Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is like the Clouds
heart image Melati Baby Girl Sign Girl Jasmine Flower
heart image Mentari Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The Sun, who gives powerful light to the whole world
heart image Merpati Baby Girl Sign Girl A dove
heart image Mlathi Baby Girl Sign Girl Jasmine
heart image Murni Baby Girl Sign Girl Pure, a pure soul
heart image Mustika Baby Girl Sign Girl A talisman; A magical stone
heart image Ndari Baby Girl Sign Girl Full moon
heart image Ningrat Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble
heart image Ningrum Baby Girl Sign Girl Inside the soul
heart image Ningsih Baby Girl Sign Girl With love
heart image Nurul Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright; Nimble; Sunlit; Sunny
heart image Panuta Baby Boy Sign Boy Good example or one who leads by example.
heart image Perdana Baby Boy Sign Boy The First
heart image Permata Baby Girl Sign Girl Precious stones
heart image Pertiwi Baby Girl Sign Girl The earth
heart image Pramana Baby Boy Sign Boy To be full of wisdom and knowledge
heart image Pratam Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who belongs to the highest; First status
heart image Puspita Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman who has all the qualities of the flower
heart image Putra Baby Boy Sign Boy To be someone's son
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Indonesian baby names embody the nation's rich cultural heritage and diverse ethnicities. From the melodious tones of the Indonesian language to the influences of various religions and traditions, these options hold deep meanings and significance. Embracing Indonesian baby names allows parents to honor their roots, celebrate unity, and cherish the values that define this remarkable nation. Indonesian baby names reflect the essence of love, pride, and unity that define this unique and diverse country.

Infographic: Fascinating Indonesian Baby Names With Meanings

Indonesian baby names offer a diverse and culturally rich collection. With influences from various languages and traditions, these names carry unique meanings and symbolize the country's vibrant heritage. These baby names reflect the beauty and diversity of this fascinating archipelago. Scroll through the infographic below and pick a perfect name for your adorable child.

attractive indonesian baby names for your little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What cultural and historical significance do Indonesian baby names have?

Indonesia, with a predominantly Muslim population, embraces a prevalence of Islamic names (1). These names, commonly originating from Arabic, bear religious significance and embody the attributes of Allah. One example is Ashari, a masculine name denoting an 'angel,' reminiscent of the esteemed 10th-century Islamic scholar Al-Ash'ari. Similarly, Baihaqi, derived from the renowned 11th-century Islamic scholar Al-Bayhaqi, is another name with historical significance.

2. What role do Indonesian baby names play in preserving their identity?

Indonesian baby names gracefully mirror cherished family values and honor the significance of ancestry. Many names carry the weight of generations, preserving the noble legacy of beloved kin. Meanwhile, some names cleverly embody birth order, like Bakri, denoting the 'firstborn,' and Catur, symbolizing 'four,' encapsulating the unique essence of Indonesian naming traditions.


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