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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Ingrid

The name Ingrid comes from Scandinavian origin and has an elaborate meaning. Ingrid is formed of two old Norse elements Ing and Rid. Ing is the name of a god worshiped for fertility, while rid means fair and beautiful. Hence, Ingrid means beautiful goddess of fertility or godlike beauty.

The name signifies and is often paired with qualities like strength, beauty, and independence. Ingrid has been in use as a given name since medieval times but rose up to popularity outside Scandinavia in the 20th century. It is widely popular in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. In present times, Ingrid is a unique and uncommon name with a rich history.

In different countries and cultures, the name acquired some variants that sound and mean similar to Ingrid. Ingri is a variant that is sometimes used in Norway and Sweden, Inger is a Danish variant, while Ingrida is a Lithuanian and Latvian variant. Inga is more often used as a shorter version or pet name for Ingrid across Scandinavian countries, along with Germany and Russia.

It is believed that Ingrid gained popularity outside Scandinavia as a result of the fame and popularity of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman. Today, Ingrid is a well-loved name and is also used for many fictional characters in television shows, movies, and books. Some references are Ingrid Avellan Cortez, from the Spy Kids film trilogy, Ingrid from the television series Once Upon a Time and Sesame Street, Ingrid Dracula, from the horror drama comedy Young Dracula, and Ingrid from the fighting video game series Street Fighter and the game Capcom Fighting Evolution.

Some other notable characters are Ingrid Giraffe from an animated television series My Gym Partner’s Monkey, Ingrid Fletcher from the television series Porridge and Going Straight, and Ingrid Beauchamp from the television series Witches of East End based on the novel with the same name.


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Famous People With The Name Ingrid

  • Ingrid RimlandAmerican psychologist and author known for her award-winning novel, The Wanderers
  • Ingrid BurleyAmerican singer, rapper, and songwriter known for her song Love Drought from Beyonce’s album
  • Ingrid NewkirkBritish-American animal rights activist, president of PETA, and author of the books The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights and Animalkind
  • Ingrid NargargAustrian judge and contemporary historian, first woman to head rural district court in the Judiciary of Austria
  • Ingrid AndressAmerican singer-songwriter known for her song More Hearts than Mine
  • Ingrid DaubechiesBelgian physicist and mathematician, best known for her work with wavelets in image compression

Ingrid On The Popularity Chart

The popularity and ranking of Ingrid has been consistently fluctuating on the graph provided by the Social Security Administration. Have a look at them to understand the trend in detail.

Popularity Over Time

With significant fluctuations in popularity, Ingrid reached its peak in 2008, when 564 babies per million shared the name. After this, the name again saw a steep fall. Check the graph for more information.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of Ingrid has been consistently rising and falling since 1980. Nevertheless, it attained its best rank of 545 in 2008. Presently, the rank has again declined. The graph below shows the same.

Source: Social Security Administration

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