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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Ira

Ira is a name that is used for both genders. It is a female given name in Russian and a short form of Irina. The name has various connotations, and while it commonly implies “roused” or “watchful” in Hebrew, it may have also been used as a male first name in ancient Hebrew communities due to its resemblance to a word frequently linked to being watchful and observant.

The name Ira has biblical roots in both the Hebrew and Old Testaments, where it was used as the first name of the biblical character Ira the Jairite. He was identified as King David of Israel’s minister, companion, and officer. Although he is referred to as David’s priest in the English Standard Version and New International Version, the Hebrew word for priest originally meant “official” or “person of influence,” indicating that he served as the king’s main administrator or minister.

Ira is also associated with the Greek name Hera, the wife of Zeus. Hindus suggest that the name may be a variation of a masculine Sanskrit name Vayu, the Hindu wind god. As a female Sanskrit name, Ira means “the Earth” and is also the name of Saraswati, a goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

In Finland, Ira is a female given name that is a translation of the name of the Greek goddess Hera. In Polynesia, Ira means “goddess of the sky” and is often connected to spirituality, strength, and protection.

In popular culture, there are several fictional characters named Ira, including Ira Buchman in the American sitcom Mad About You, Ira Gaines in the American crime drama television series 24, and Ira S. Glicksberg, also known as Sensei Ira, portrayed by Lance Krall in the American sitcom The Office.


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Watchful one
Hebrew, Russian
 I..  Ir..  Iri..  Iar..  Ira..  Iur..  Irh.. 

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Famous People With The Name Ira

  • Ira Allen EastmanAmerican Democratic politician, served at the United States House of Representatives and the New Hampshire House of Representatives
  • Ira Frederick AldridgeAmerican-born British actor, playwright, and theater manager, known for portraying Shakespearean characters
  • Ira AllenAmerican politician, one of the founders of the US state of Vermont American colonial period
  • Ira Leonard BabcockAmerican pioneer and doctor, chosen as the first Supreme Judge with probate powers in 1841
  • Ira BowmanRetired American basketball player formerly in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

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