35 Iranian Baby Names With Meanings

Are you looking for a traditional Iranian name for your pea in the pod? Then you may want to take a look at MomJunction's Iranian baby name list.

Iranian baby names have a unique combination of soft vowels and rolling consonants, which makes them flow smoothly from the tongue. Besides the traditional Ahmad, Mohammad, and Zainab, there are plenty of other baby names that are expressive of Iran’s history and language.

The Iranian naming convention is very similar to the Arabic naming convention. Parents have to select a good and meaningful name for their child, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad. Names with unpleasant meanings were disliked by the Holy Prophet. Hence, it’s avoided by Iranian parents as well.

An Iranian baby gets two names, a given name, and a nickname. Middle name is optional. But the surname must be taken from the paternal side. In addition, parents can add suffixes like ‘son of’ or ‘descendent of’ to their son’s name.

Modern Iranian names are derived from place names in Iran such as Tabrizi, Kirmani, and Tehrani, which is a refreshing break from regular Arabic names. Also, women do not have to change their surnames post marriage. But they are free to add their husband’s family name to their own. Have a look at MomJunction's list of popular Iranian names below.

AbolfazlFather of virtueBoy
AfshinName of an Iranian General; derived name from princely title of rulers of OsrusanaBoy
AkhtarArabic - Star; Good Man; Good LuckBoy
AliElevated, prominent, superiorBoy
Also leilahThe one who is born in night and a dark-haired beauty providing satisfactionGirl
Amir AbbasAmir means prosperous, Abbas means austereBoy
Amir AliAmir means prosperous, Ali means high, lofty, sublime.Boy
Amir HosseinAmir means prosperous, Hossein means handsome or beautifulBoy
AtifehAn affectionate personGirl
AvaA bird; a living organism of the ecosystemGirl
BaranGaelic - Noble Warrior; Russian - Ram; Forceful; Virile; Teutonic - Noble FighterBoy
EskandarIranian form of Alexander.Boy
FatemehA captivating chaste womanGirl
HelmaProtective, shielding, defendingGirl
HosseinHandsome and beautifulBoy
JahannaThe woman of the entire worldGirl
KurianKurian is the name of a Christian village in IranUnisex
MehreganAn ancient Aryan(Early Iranians) festival to welcome Autumn season. "Mehr' in the kindness, and aslo represents love, knowledge and freindship.Girl
MohammadThe most important and precious part of human body, which give light to our path; eyesBoy
Mohammad HosseinMohammad means praiseworthy, Hossein means handsome or beautifulBoy
Mohammad RezaMohammad means praiseworthy, Reza means satisfaction or contentmentBoy
Mohammad TahaPraiseworthyBoy
NavrozThe Iranian new yearGirl
NawrozThe Iranian festival to celebrate new yearGirl
Nazanin ZahraNazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty.Girl
NooshaEntertaining and pleasurable damsel.Girl
RahaA peace of mindGirl
RustamA tall and strong free manBoy
ShahriarHe is a LordBoy
ShokufehA blossoming womanGirl
YesnaPrayer, supplication, worshipGirl
ZahraShining or flowerGirl
ZeinabA variant of Zainab, meaning beautiful.Girl
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