44 Iranian Baby Names With Meanings


Are you looking for traditional Iranian baby names for your pea in the pod? Then you may want to take a look at our Iranian baby name list. Iranian baby names have a unique combination of soft vowels and rolling consonants, which makes them flow smoothly from the tongue. Besides the traditional choices such as Mohammad and Zeinab, many other baby names express Iran's history and language. For instance, Kurian is a unisex name that originates in a Christian village in Iran, highlighting the coexistence of multiple faiths and cultures within the country's history.
In contrast, Ava is a popular choice for girls and represents the idea of guarantee in Iranian culture. This name reflects parents' hopes for their daughters, conveying protection, assurance, and a bright future. Shahriar, a powerful and dignified name for boys, means 'He is a Lord' in English. This name exudes authority and respect, connecting to the values of leadership, divine power, and honor. The Iranian naming convention is very similar to the Arabic naming convention. Parents must select a good and meaningful name for their child, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad. Names with unpleasant meanings were disliked by the Holy Prophet. Hence, it's avoided by Iranian parents as well. An Iranian baby gets two names, a given name and a nickname. Middle name is optional. But the surname must be taken from the paternal side. In addition, parents can add suffixes like 'son of' or 'descendent of' to their son's name. Modern Iranian names are derived from place names in Iran, such as Tabrizi, Kirmani, and Tehrani, which is a refreshing break from regular Arabic names. Also, women do not have to change their surnames post-marriage. But they are free to add their husband's family name to their own (1). Have a look at our list of popular Iranian names below.

heart image Aariana Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Celestial; Graceful
heart image Abolfazl Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of virtue
heart image Afshin Baby Boy Sign Boy Derived name from the princely title of rulers of Osrusana
heart image Akhtar Baby Boy Sign Boy Star; Good man; Good luck
heart image Ali Baby Boy Sign Boy Elevated; Prominent; Superior
heart image Also leilah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is born at night; Dark-haired beauty who provides satisfaction
heart image Amir Abbas Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperous; Austere
heart image Amir Ali Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperous; High; Lofty; Sublime
heart image Amir Hossein Baby Boy Sign Boy Prosperous; Handsome; Beautiful
heart image Atifeh Baby Girl Sign Girl An affectionate person
heart image Ava Baby Girl Sign Girl Guarantee
heart image Baran Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble warrior; Ram; Forceful; Virile; Noble fighter
heart image Eskandar Baby Boy Sign Boy Iranian form of Alexander
heart image Fatemeh Baby Girl Sign Girl A captivating chaste woman
heart image Helma Baby Girl Sign Girl Protective; Shielding; Defending
heart image Hossein Baby Boy Sign Boy Handsome and beautiful
heart image Jahanna Baby Girl Sign Girl The woman of the entire world
heart image Kamrun Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Spirited; Brave
heart image Kiani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Royal; Divine
heart image Kurian Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Kurian is the name of a Christian village in Iran
heart image Mayeli Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Graceful; Compassionate; Faithful
heart image Md Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Doctor of Medicine
heart image Mehregan Baby Girl Sign Girl An ancient Aryan (Early Iranians) festival to welcome the Autumn season
heart image Mohammad Baby Boy Sign Boy The most important and precious part of the human body, the eyes
heart image Mohammad Hossein Baby Boy Sign Boy Praiseworthy; Handsome or beautiful
heart image Mohammad Reza Baby Boy Sign Boy Praiseworthy; Satisfaction or contentment
heart image Mohammad Taha Baby Boy Sign Boy Praiseworthy
heart image Navroz Baby Girl Sign Girl The Iranian new year
heart image Nawroz Baby Girl Sign Girl The Iranian festival to celebrate new year
heart image Nazanin Zahra Baby Girl Sign Girl Sweetheart; Lovely and delightful; Zahra means flower; blossom; or beauty
heart image Noosha Baby Girl Sign Girl Entertaining and pleasurable damsel
heart image Raha Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace of mind
heart image Reihaneh Baby Girl Sign Girl Basil
heart image Rustam Baby Boy Sign Boy A tall and strong free man
heart image Setayesh Baby Girl Sign Girl Glorious, praise-worthy
heart image Shahriar Baby Boy Sign Boy He is a Lord
heart image Shervin Baby Boy Sign Boy Servant; Protector
heart image Shokufeh Baby Girl Sign Girl A blossoming woman
heart image Tomyris Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful leader; Warrior
heart image Yesna Baby Girl Sign Girl Prayer; Supplication; Worship
heart image Zahra Baby Girl Sign Girl Shining; Flower
heart image Zarian Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Shining light; One who sows
heart image Zeinab Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful
heart image Zhavia Baby Girl Sign Girl Perspective

Iranian baby names have a rich cultural and historical significance, many derived from Persian and Arabic literatures. These names often have beautiful meanings that reflect the values and beliefs of the rich Iranian culture. We have provided a list of Iranian baby names and their meanings to help parents choose a name for their newborn that reflects their heritage and traditions. Each title is documented along with its gender-specific usage and meaning for parents to choose a unique and meaningful name.

Infographic: Unique And Uncommon Iranian Baby Names

Iran has a diverse range of unique and meaningful names that reflect its ancient traditions, religion, and mythology. From poetic names inspired by nature to powerful names with historical significance, Iranian baby names are full of depth and beauty. In our infographic, we explore some of the Iranian baby names and their meanings. Discover the beauty and richness of Iranian culture through its names.

a cultural treasure of iranian baby names (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Iranian baby names reflect Iran’s rich history?

With roots in ancient Persian history and mythology, numerous Iranian baby names pay tribute to their family lineage and the captivating cultural heritage of Iran. Iranian names inspired by historical legends, tales, or figures help maintain ties with their ancestral roots. Similarly, parents may also choose names that bear spiritual significance or those that have been passed down through generations to preserve their religious heritage and family values.

2. What is the importance of Iranian Baby Names?

In Iranian culture, baby names are reflective of individual identity and family lineage while upholding their ancestral language and literary heritage. They also bear religious significance, thus showcasing the people’s profound divine connection with the almighty. Moreover, most of the names are gender-specific, symbolizing the individual hopes of the parents for their child’s future.


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  1. A Guide To Names And Naming Practices.

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