1139 Irish Baby Names With Meanings

You do have an Irish heritage and want to share the love you have for the emerald isle with your child? Then how about giving the bundle of joy an Irish name?

Whether you opt for anglicized or traditional, Irish baby names drip with charm and beauty. Lyrical and lilting Irish names conjure images of the magnificent castles, beautiful landscapes, and lovely people. These names are unique in their own rights, which explains their popularity in the US. In fact, most of the top American monikers have Irish roots.

This country of leprechauns, shamrocks, and green beer follows an old Gaelic tradition when it comes to naming the babies. In Ireland, the first born son has to be named after the father’s father, the second born has to be named after the mother’s father, the third born after the father, and the fourth born after the father’s oldest brother. In the case of daughters, the first born is named after the mother’s mother, the second born after the father’s mother, the third born after the mother, and the fourth born after the mother’s oldest sister.

Below, MomJunction has compiled an extensive list of Irish baby names with meanings to inspire you. You can use the advanced search option to narrow down your search.

Airliea variant of the name AirleasGirl
AislinVariant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or vision.Girl
AislingDream or Vision and referring to an aisling,Girl
AislinnVariant of Aisling or Ashling: Dream or visionGirl
AislynA variant of Aisling (Irish, Gaelic) and the meaning is "dream, visionGirl
AkaylaAn Irish surname, means a slender, slim womanGirl
AkaynaOne who is a very beautiful and dear childGirl
AlanaLittle rock, or Harmony, ConcordGirl
AlannaForm of Alana; filled with beauty and serenityGirl
AlaoisFamous in war; enjoys perks of lifeBoy
AllenAllen is Little RockBoy
AlleneAttractive, PeacefulGirl
AlphonsusGothic - Noble and Ready; A variant form of the name AlfonsoBoy
AodhCeltic - Fire, Brightness, Splendour; Derived from the element "Aed" which means FireBoy
AoifeThe one filled with love, radiance and kindnessGirl
AonghusCeltic - One Choice; A variant of name is AngusBoy
ArleenNoble and a manly individual who is powerfulGirl
ArtAmerican - Rock; Irish - Noble Bear; Short form of ArthurBoy
AshlingA beautiful vision or a dreamGirl
AssumptaIt is the Latinate form of AsuncionGirl
AsthoreA loved childGirl
AttractaIrish - A virtuous woman; Name of a Saint; Athracht and Athrachta are variant form of namesGirl
AugustineLatin - August; Dignifies; Holy; Derived from the element 'augustus' which means to increaseBoy
AvalbaneA beautiful white orchard; filled with flowersGirl
AveleenShe is a Goddess of war and wisdomGirl
AwnanA little Adam; fun loving personBoy
BanagherPointed HillBoy
BannyPetite and good-lookingBoy
BarryCeltic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune German - Brave; A variant of name BernardBoy
BaryCeltic - Fair headed; Spear; Mound; Dune German - Brave; A variant of name BernardBoy
BaudkinTribes of GalwayBoy
Baylorhorse trainerBoy
BerihertHe who comes from the south, the son of the southBoy
BeryanName of an Irish princess renowned for her healing abilities.Girl
BevinBevin is Fair Lady; beautiful and emotionalGirl
BiddieA little exalted oneGirl
BirgithEstonian variant of Brigid, meaning noble.Girl
BirgitteComes from old Norse "bjart" meaning bright one or radiant. This is a variant of the Swedish Birgitta and the English Bridget.Girl
BláthnaidName of a blossoming flower; one who blendsGirl
BolanHe who is a little poetBoy
BourkeFortified Hill or a Fortified SettlementBoy
Bourna small river.Boy
Bournea small seasonal riverBoy
Brackendescendant of BreacánBoy
BraddonBroad hillside; has practical natureBoy
BradfordA person who hails from a broad fordBoy
BradfurdAn alternate spelling for "Bradford"; from the broad fordBoy
BradiIt is used as a surname. The descendants of the family Bradach use this name.Unisex
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