1139 Irish Baby Names With Meanings

You do have an Irish heritage and want to share the love you have for the emerald isle with your child? Then how about giving the bundle of joy an Irish name?

Whether you opt for anglicized or traditional, Irish baby names drip with charm and beauty. Lyrical and lilting Irish names conjure images of the magnificent castles, beautiful landscapes, and lovely people. These names are unique in their own rights, which explains their popularity in the US. In fact, most of the top American monikers have Irish roots.

This country of leprechauns, shamrocks, and green beer follows an old Gaelic tradition when it comes to naming the babies. In Ireland, the first born son has to be named after the father’s father, the second born has to be named after the mother’s father, the third born after the father, and the fourth born after the father’s oldest brother. In the case of daughters, the first born is named after the mother’s mother, the second born after the father’s mother, the third born after the mother, and the fourth born after the mother’s oldest sister.

Below, MomJunction has compiled an extensive list of Irish baby names with meanings to inspire you. You can use the advanced search option to narrow down your search.

BriddA woman with protective natureGirl
BridieA high oneGirl
BrieghA woman with great force and strenghtGirl
BrienA high noble manBoy
BriennaNoble-born lady of great strenghtGirl
BriettaOne who is a strong femaleGirl
BrigetteShe is a strong womanGirl
BrighidA firm and strong womanGirl
BrigitA woman who is exaltedGirl
BrigitaA woman who is ascendingGirl
BrigittAn woman who is ascneding in lifeGirl
BrigittaA fiery, poetic, exalted womanGirl
BrigitteA solid, firm, strong womanGirl
BrinaHe who is a defender of peopleGirl
BrinnShe is high and nobleGirl
BrinsleyA high man from the fieldBoy
BrionA brave man of many virtuesBoy
BrionaA woman of many virtuesGirl
BrisanA man with valor and strenghtBoy
BrisonA person of valor and braveryBoy
BritaneeShe is from BritainGirl
BrodericA brotherly personBoy
BroderikOne who is a brotherBoy
BrodrikA brotherly oneBoy
BroganOne with small shoesBoy
BronaghA sorrow womanGirl
BroneA person full of sorrowBoy
BronichA sorrow manBoy
BruisOne who lives in a mansionBoy
BrumantAn Irish Boy name with lost meaningBoy
BryA man of great strenght and powerBoy
BryahA woman of great strenght and forceGirl
BryanA courageous and virtuous manBoy
BryannaA strong woman who only goes upGirl
BryanneShe is a strong and ascending womanGirl
BryantHe who ascends to hightsBoy
BrychanA spotted oneBoy
BryeA man who is strong anf full of forceBoy
BryonA virtuous person full of braveryBoy
BryoniA brave and virtuous womanGirl
BryonyTo be full of virtueGirl
BuchananIrish Gaelic - House of the canonBoy
ByrneThe raven's sonBoy
ByrnhornOne who is a descendant of the ravenBoy
ByrnwoldThe raven rulerBoy
CaceA man who is observant and alertBoy
CadalHe is a warrior at heartBoy
CadeeThe rhythmic flow of the sundsBoy
CadhlaA handsome and good-looking manBoy
CaelA slender personUnisex
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