1133 Irish Baby Names With Meanings

You do have an Irish heritage and want to share the love you have for the emerald isle with your child? Then how about giving the bundle of joy an Irish name?

Whether you opt for anglicized or traditional, Irish baby names drip with charm and beauty. Lyrical and lilting Irish names conjure images of the magnificent castles, beautiful landscapes, and lovely people. These names are unique in their own rights, which explains their popularity in the US. In fact, most of the top American monikers have Irish roots.

This country of leprechauns, shamrocks, and green beer follows an old Gaelic tradition when it comes to naming the babies. In Ireland, the first born son has to be named after the father’s father, the second born has to be named after the mother’s father, the third born after the father, and the fourth born after the father’s oldest brother. In the case of daughters, the first born is named after the mother’s mother, the second born after the father’s mother, the third born after the mother, and the fourth born after the mother’s oldest sister.

Below, MomJunction has compiled an extensive list of Irish baby names with meanings to inspire you. You can use the advanced search option to narrow down your search.

EileyJuniper tree; Hazelnut which is free detailedGirl
EilinA Hazelnut tree; a sweet singing birdGirl
EilisGod is my Oath; one who is a devoted personGirl
EilishConvenat with God; a pledgeUnisex
EilleyShinning, bright lightGirl
EilyJuniper tree; filled with lightGirl
EimenA protector; wealthy one with confidenceGirl
EimileOne who is practical natured and free detailedGirl
EithneA seed; graceful; ardent ruler; A kernel or grainGirl
ElivinaA beautiful friend of the ElvesGirl
EllyThe one who is born to spread lightGirl
Elvathis name basically means a elfinGirl
Elvevathe meaning of this name is elfin or elf leader.Girl
Elviathis name means noble and faithful or elf.Girl
Elviethis name means good noble friend or elfin or good elf.Girl
Emikain Slavik this name means charming.Girl
Emilya name that often signifies a hardwroking, dilligent and an industrious person.Girl
Emmathe meaning of this name is universal whole.Girl
Emmerya leader of the household.Boy
Emogenthis name has the meaning maiden.Girl
Emogenea maiden is signified by this name.Girl
Endabird or bird like.Boy
Eneasit means praise.Boy
Eneidathis name means a life or a soul of a person.Girl
EnglaSwedish feminine form of the word angel.Girl
Ensleyderived from a British palace in Nottinghamshire by the name of Annesley or Ann's meadow.Girl
Enyait means fire.Girl
Eoghanborn of yew or youhtful.Boy
Eohrica very powerful ruler.Boy
Eonanoath or little seal.Boy
Eoppaa royal prince.Boy
Eormenraedan Irish word meaning a public oath.Boy
ErinGaelic word meaning peace; also a poetic way of referring to Ireland.Boy
Erinaa feminized form of erin; meaning peace and a poetic way of referring to Ireland.Girl
ErineVariation of Erin which means From the island to the westGirl
Erinnpoets use it to describe Ireland or peace.Boy
Erinnameans Ireland.Girl
Erinnea word which means Ireland.Girl
Erniaan Irish word meaning serios and earnest.Girl
Erniea feminized Irish name which means earnestly serious and determined.Girl
Errinit means Ireland in poetic form or peace.Girl
Eryna poetic form of referring to Ireland.Girl
Erynna word which is used in poetry for referring to Ireland.Girl
Erynnea feminized word used in poetry for referring to Ireland.Girl
Eslandaan Irish word for truth.Girl
Ethnait means graceful.Girl
Etnathe name of a 5th century Irish saint.Girl
Euanborn of the Yew tree.Boy
EvinThe God's goodnessBoy
FaganOne who is a very eager childBoy
FalA descendant of a leaderBoy
FalonA man in chargeBoy
FannigA Surname in IrishBoy
FarolA heroic and a superior manBoy
FarrelA brave and victorious manBoy
FeargalA brave and courageous personBoy
FearghusTo have great man-strenghtBoy
FeeganA child who is eagerBoy
FeenaA small and little fawnGirl
FelimOne who is forever-goodBoy
FenellaOne with fair, white shouldersGirl
FeorasHe is like a rockBoy
FergalA brave young BoyBoy
FergieHe who is like a rock. Also means a man who made a choiceBoy
FergusHe is a rock, a stoneBoy
FergusonThe son of the rockBoy
FiachraA saint-like manBoy
FiadhMan dark as ravenBoy
FianaA huntress warriorGirl
FiannaA vine plantGirl
FidelmaA faithful ladyGirl
FinaOne who shall addGirl
FinbarFair-headed one; one who addsBoy
FinbarrFair-headed one (variant of finbar)Boy
FindabairDaughter of Queen Medb (Irish Mythology)Girl
FindleyA fair and courageous personBoy
FinellaA person wit fair shouldersGirl
FinloA fair Lugh( sun-God of Ireland & Mann), i.e. warriorBoy
FionaWhite or fair (latinised version of fionna)Boy
FionanA fair offspringBoy
Fiontan"White-fire" or "white-bull"; only one to endure the Great FloodBoy
FirdausThe Heavenly City of the Gods; Divine Garden (similar to that of Eden)Unisex
FirdausiParadisical; Heaven-likeUnisex
FirdawsThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdoosThe Heavens or the ParadiseUnisex
FirdousThe Realm of ParadiseUnisex
FiruzehRefers to the greenish-blue colored gemstone, TurquoiseBoy
FleurAn old French word for 'flower'Boy
FleuretteA floret (i.e. a little flower); Comes from French fleurBoy
FlynIt refers to someone with red hairUnisex
FlynnIt essentially means descendant of the red-haired onesUnisex
FoleyIt refers to a 'disrupter or plunderer'Boy
FoyAlternant of 'Fee' which means 'faith and hope'Unisex
GaelRefers to an unknown person or visitor.Girl
GainorBorn son of a person who is very fair in complexion.Boy
GaleThe one who is delighted and happy.Girl
GananIrish Gaelic - Fair Skinned, Fair-haired; A form of the English name GannonBoy
GaninThe Boy who is fair in complexion and light colored hair.Boy
GaranRefers to castrating or spaying.Boy
GaronNeutering or sterilizing.Boy
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