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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Isidore

Isidore literally translates to “gift of Isis” and originates from the Greek name (Ἰσίδωρoς). Isis was a significant deity adopted by the Greco-Roman culture, and she was revered in ancient Egyptian religion. In the Osiris myth, which was one of the central stories of the Old Kingdom, she raises her dead brother and husband, the celestial monarch Osiris, and gives birth to and guards his successor, Horus.

Isis was considered to be the heavenly mother of the pharaoh, who was compared to Horus and was expected to accompany the dying in obtaining the hereafter in the same way she had guided Osiris. For the common people, healing spells sought her maternal assistance. At first, she was particularly important in burial ceremonies and mystical literature, but she only had a minor part in royal and religious festivities.

In art, she was typically shown as a human lady with a hieroglyphic throne on her head. During the New Kingdom, Isis was demonstrated wearing Hathor’s headgear, a sun sphere between a cow’s horns, as she started taking on aspects that were formerly affiliated with the dominant goddess of previous centuries, Hathor.

Isador, Isadore, Isadora, and Isidor are common name variations. The name is pronounced as IZ-ə-dawr. Izzy, Dora, Issy, Dory, Dore, and Isaure are preferred nicknames for their variations.

This rare name has quite a few mentions in the fictional realm. John R. Isidore is a fictional character in Philip K. Dick’s novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” It is a science fiction book centered around a dystopian world. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco, where a nuclear war has significantly crippled human life on Earth and forced the majority of animal species to either perish or become endangered. Besides that, “Isidore” is also a song on Incubus’s album “If Not Now, When?”.


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One endowed with a gift of ideas
Argentina, Greek
 I..  Iz..  Iza..  Isa..  Ish..  Ist..  Izd..  Isi..  Izi.. 

How To Pronounce Isidore?


Famous People With The Name Isidore

  • Isidore Gordon Gottschalk AscherScottish-Canadian novelist and poet
  • Isidor BajicSerbian composer, teacher, and publisher known for romantic national opera Knez Ivo od Semberije
  • Isador GoodmanSouth African-Australian Jewish pianist, composer and conductor who taught at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music for 50 years
  • Isidor Edmond PhilippFrench pianist and composer and a child prodigy at the piano in his Hungarian homeland
  • Izidor “Dori” KürschnerHungarian football player and coach and was successful with Budapest club MTK, and also played for the Hungary national football team

Isidore On The Popularity Chart

Over the years, Isidore has experienced significant changes in popularity and ranking, as depicted in two graphs provided by the Social Security Administration.

Popularity Over Time

The name gained massive popularity in 2021, making it one of the most favorite baby names among new parents. Glance through the graph for more.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

Isidore has been consistently popular over the years, but its highest ranking was in 1981, as shown on the graph.

Source: Social Security Administration

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