63 Israeli Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AdamMan, earthBoy
ArielLion of GodBoy
DanielA ProphetBoy
DavidA beloved friendBoy
EitanOne who is steady and very boldBoy
JosephHebrew - Yahweh will add; God will Multiply; Derived from the element 'yacaph' meaning to add, to increaseBoy
NoaUndertaking or wave program or indication.Unisex
NoamLoveliness or satisfaction.Unisex
OmerTalker, successful, long-term, growing, bloomingBoy
UriGod is my lightBoy
YaelMountain goatBoy
AbidanMy father is judgeBoy
AhiramBrother of the exaltedBoy
AlatanStrength, a strong oneBoy
AmaryaThe word GodBoy
AmmiMy peopleBoy
AmmitalHe who is truthfulBoy
AnshilA blessed and happy soul.Boy
AtaretSomeone who is being crownedBoy
AvimelechMy father is kingBoy
AyalonDeer or gazelleBoy
AzareelHelp of GodBoy
AzaziahStrength of YahwehBoy
AzrailThe Angel of DeathBoy
Ben-AryehSon of the lionBoy
Ben-TziyonSon of ZionBoy
BeriahBeriah means "calamity" or "misfortune" in Hebrew.Beryiah or beriah means healthy, sound, fit, well, hale, lusty, bonny; stout, robust; wholesome, nutritious, healthful, hearty (laugh) Beriah can refer to several different Biblical figures. Beriah can beBoy
BethuelMan of GodBoy
ChavivHe who is beloved.Boy
ChiramAn exalted and noble being.Boy
ChoniA gracious being.Boy
DaniyyelGod is my judgeBoy
EiranHe who is awake and vigilant.Boy
ElazaroGod has helpedBoy
ElipheletMy God is deliveranceBoy
ElishamaGod hears everyoneBoy
EliyyahuThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElnatanGift of GodBoy
EshakolA grape clusterBoy
EvenezerFoundation stoneBoy
Hillelto praiseBoy
IthamarPalm islandBoy
JazeelThe power of God.Boy
PinyeHe who is dark complexioned.Boy
RaguelOne of the seven archangelsBoy
ReuA friend of his, or a shepardBoy
SaadyaGod's helperBoy
ShachnaClose to GodBoy
ShragaCandle, or lightBoy
UzziahGod is strongBoy
YagilHe will rejoiceBoy
YehochananGod is graciousBoy
YeshayahuGod is salvationBoy
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