70 Israeli Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Israeli boy names are unique-sounding names representing the history, spirituality, and culture of ages. Israel is considered a holy land by three main religions worldwide: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. According to the religious scriptures, Jacob was considered the patriarch of this land and his sons or descendants to be 'The 12 tribes of Israel' or 'The Children of Israel (1).
Israel is believed to be a religiously prominent land by many, and for centuries several Holy wars have been fought over this land. Today it is regarded as a sacred place of worship and is visited by scores of faithful, devout, and spiritual people of all three faiths. Israeli names are backed by a rich culture and tradition, which is quite evident by the meanings of the names usually adopted by the people. Looking at the list of commonly-given names also gives us an insight into the extent of faith the indigenous people have in religions, as the majority of the names have religious associations.
When parents select an Israeli name for their child, they might be expressing their aspiration for a future in which their child is spiritually inclined and leads a pure and devout life. Though this is the parents' intention, the child's personality may develop independently of the name that they have been assigned and could be more influenced by the type of environment they are exposed to as they grow up.
Some potential Israeli names to consider for your son include Omer meaning 'successful,' 'growing' or 'blooming,' Anshil meaning 'A blessed and happy soul' and Uzziah meaning 'God is strong,' and Yeshayahu signifying 'God is salvation.' Scroll through the list of our thoughtfully compiled Israeli boy names to better understand the potential names you can choose for your precious little one.

Name Gender Meaning
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion of God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
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Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is steady and very bold
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He will add; Praise
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Praiseworthy; Praised one
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Movement; Motion
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pleasantness
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Populous; Flourishing
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my light
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Mountain goat
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Baby Boy Sign Boy My father is judge
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Brother of the exalted
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength; A strong one
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong; Noble
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy My people
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is truthful
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Graceful; Charming; Radiant
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Cloud
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Happy; Blessed one; Happiness; Bliss
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Feminine; Strong
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Pledge
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is being crowned
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Baby Boy Sign Boy My father is king
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer; Gazelle
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Help of God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength of Yahweh
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Baby Boy Sign Boy The Angel of Death
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the lion
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Zion
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Calamity; Misfortune; Healthy, sound, fit, well, hale, lusty, bonny; Stout, robust; Wholesome, nutritious, healthful, hearty
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Man of God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy knife
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Festive
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is beloved
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Life
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Baby Boy Sign Boy An exalted and noble being
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A gracious being
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Law
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is awake and vigilant
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God has helped
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my deliverance
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God hears everyone
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Baby Boy Sign Boy The Lord is my God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift of God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A grape cluster
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Foundation stone
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Greatly praised
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Hill
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gift from God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Palm island
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beloved
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Baby Boy Sign Boy The power of God
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Jep or Descendant of Jep
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Protected
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He who is dark-complexioned
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Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the seven archangels
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Baby Boy Sign Boy A friend of his, Shepard
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God's helper
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Close to God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Candle; Light
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Deer
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is strong
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wolf; Given by God
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Baby Boy Sign Boy He will rejoice
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is gracious
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Baby Boy Sign Boy God is salvation

Israeli boy names are usually associated with a profound sense of spirituality and deep-rooted history. Parents often choose such names hoping their child will lead a spiritually enriching life. Explore this list of Israeli boy names that will give you an idea of some captivating and religiously significant names you may consider bestowing upon your little one. Do not forget to save a handful of intriguing names for future reference.

Infographic: Beautiful Israeli Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Israel is considered to be the holy land by all belonging to the Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths. What better way to initiate your little one on the path of spirituality? Here is a list of potential Israeli names that you may choose for your little one. Don’t forget to save and share it with your loved ones.

charismatic israeli names for baby boys(infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some cool Israeli names for boys?

Some cool Israeli names for boys include Ari (meaning lion), Amos (load/ burden), Asa (healer), Benjamin (Son of the south/son of the right hand), Eli (ascension), and Noam (pleasantness).

2. What Hebrew boy name means Happiness?

Asher, Addo, Duli, Osher, Rico, Zelig, Shafan, and Gayle are some Hebrew boy names that mean happy or happiness.

3. What Hebrew boy names mean peace?

Shalom, Avshalom, and Zalman are some Hebrew boy names meaning peace.

4. What is the Hebrew name for blessing?

The Hebrew name for the blessing is Baruch. According to the Old Testament, he was the companion of Prophet Jeremiah, who acted as his scribe and assistant. Asher and Bracha are other Hebrew names with the same attributes.

5. What is the Israeli name for love?

Ahava is an Israeli name that symbolizes love. It is a feminine name.

6. Which Hebrew name means faith?

Emuna is a Hebrew name that means faith. It is a girl's name.

7. Which Israeli baby boy names are considered old-fashioned or uncommon?

Several unique Israeli baby boy names can be considered old-fashioned or less common in contemporary times. They include Hebrew biblical names like Mordechai, Yitzhak, Shlomo, Eliyahu, and Menachem.


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  1. The Twelve Tribes of Israel.
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