34 Italian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter E

Emilianothis name means someone who is industrious and has the zeal to work hard.Boy
Emiliosomeone who tries to emulate or a rival.Boy
Enzoit means someone who rules a estate or a house.Boy
EdgardoA wealthy man who is known for richesBoy
EdmondoA highly successful and productive beingBoy
EdoardoRich guardian; they are responsible and efficientBoy
EduardoThe holder of rich propertyBoy
EdwaldoA loving and prosperous guardianBoy
EgidioA shield bearer; name of a brave kidBoy
EligioA very private yet interesting personBoy
ElioOne who has the power of SunBoy
EliodoroThey are the gift sent from SunBoy
EliseoThey are kind and peace lovingBoy
ElmoOne who acts like helmet and provides protectionBoy
ElpidioA refined and peace loving personBoy
Emanuelethis name is used to describe that god is with us.Boy
Embertosomeone who is a bright warrior.Boy
Emidiothis is a name in the honour of Saint Emegdius a patron against earthquake who lived during 3rd century and was a bishop.Boy
Enniothe Italian form of the word Ennius; a famous poet during Roman civilization.Boy
Enricit means head of the household.Boy
Enricoone who rules the home.Boy
Enriqueruler of an estate.Boy
Enriqueza person who owns large estates and rules them.Boy
Enzioa ruler at home.Boy
Erastoan Italian word meaning beloved or highly loving.Boy
Ercoleit means gift.Boy
Ermannoit means a mighty defender.Boy
Erminioassociated with Greek god for speed and good luck.Boy
Estean Italian word meaning someone from the east.Boy
Ettoresomeone steadfast.Boy
Eugenioa Spanish name for nobility or high born.Boy
Euilaunan Italian name for someone who has been born into the nobility.Boy
Eustachioa very famous saint.Boy
EzioOne who is like an eagleBoy
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